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Friday, July 10, 2009

I am not a liar. Most of the time.

I said before that I would toss out two pictorial posts and damnit, I meant it. (I did see the much taunted pic from Andria and yep... she was right... it is a big ol' money shot. Of which you will NOT be partaking in, until you figure out how to pay me per view. Then we may have a deal.)

Niki seemed to think that the picture of my desk class from a while back was funny, so I took another one. It's an embarassing gem, just like the last.

Yet another picture of my desk during class on a night that my husband was at work, leaving me with one eye on the kids. Not to be outdone by the one prior, here's the legend:

1. Wipes box, again, topped with a dirty diaper
2. Snack for me (chips), snack for the girls (plate)
3. Notes that I am supposedly taking
4. Baggie of shit from the move that still hasn't... moved
5. Weedeater oil that hasn't moved
6. Wipes wrapper, see #1
7. Two sippie cups from children done with snack
8. Two empty Diet Coke cans, possibly from this one class, possibly from some point previous
9. Class I'm supposed to be paying attention to indstead of taking pictures of the whole gruesome mess
10. Lego-esque tower built by my oldest and brought to me as a present
11. Two phones, just like last time

Like Niki's love for sexy panties, Tempe's ability to drink like a fish, Andria's love of doing the laundry, Pen's hippie ways and my dirty habits, Some things never change!

2 tips left at the bar:

mendacious said...

oh man, that's pretty fantastic. i love the archeological slice of life.

soulmoxie said...

You totally just made me feel better about myself. If only I had the guts to post a picture of my bathroom.