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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My decor? Let's just say it involves crayons.

It is a SAD, SAD day indeed when I am the first one to come stumbling in all squinty-eyed, looking around with that very confused expression that comes after a weekend of debauchery, on a dadgum WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Damn, the other girls must have had one hell of a time this weekend!

To make up for it, I am here to promise you not one, but TWO more photographic posts from me this week! And by photographic, I mean pictures of stuff that it going to embarrass me. Andi has taunted me with a recent picture of me in my bathing suit, but that thing will never, ever get posted here, Will It, ANDI? Unless it's just of my top half and by some freak of nature is flattering, then I'll entertain the idea of blinding you with my ample bosom. But I haven't seen it, so don't go getting excited. Yet.

What may be even more sad than me rolling in here flipping on the lights for the first time in about a week, is the extreme lack of art d' decor in my house. I'm holding tight to that 'But we just moved!' card to explain why there is absolutely nothing on my walls, even though it's been seven months. Wait, who am I kidding? We didn't have that much stuff to begin with!

The very minimal amount of art that we do have is in the picture/print family and contains either a cow, horse, cowboy or open pasture, or all four. And that's pretty much it! (We is simple folk.)

Since I have been super slack and only opened boxes that contained items that we needed, you know, like the underwear box and the liquor box, the following items are the lump sum whole of decor and art in my house:

I may have lied. There are a few more pictures of my girls on the entertainment center. But it's covered in various items that don't belong on it and need to be put away. See above note about being lazy.

Three items colored for me by my eldest and a card. Please note that the drawing contains a horse and the note contains a cowboy, horse and cattle. In a pasture. I told you!

More things made by my girls at school. (I don't think I will ever tire of looking at the hand prints of my baby girl.) One thing that I did not put in this house but will tire of is that wallpaper, thrown up all over my substantial kitchen. Blech!

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Ruby said...

BTW, SMILF, I absolutely had a Kirk Cameron poster and a HUGE poster of NKOTB's Joey-Joe, the recipient of all of my fifth grade lust. And I think a book cover too? And one of those really big pins that I wore on my shirt at my hip, right by the shirt clip. (Was there a name for those shirt clips?) My goodness, that was a confusing time... :)

Andria said...

Rubes, you always manage to make it humorous! Thanks for the laughs. Less is more, right?

Andria said...

Also. .it IS a top-half shot of big ol' cleavage!

SMILF said...

Ruby - LMAO I totally had NKOTB stuff all over too. And I always sent "fan mail" to the addresses found in Tiger Beat and whatnot and the "celebs" would send me a postcard back. I was SO cool. HA

I have a ton of crayon decor around my house too...I think it gives it character :)

penelope said...

Oops, I totally forgot to take pictures of K.Lo's art. Sadness! It's the best art there is.