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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bar Decor

Whew! Hope everyone survived trying all of the concoctions we proposed for your holiday weekend. We are clearly still recouping over here, but once the hangovers subside, we will be high browing it a bit this week and discussing our (vastly varying, I’m sure) tastes in: Art.

What artwork do we have in our homes (70’s wallpaper? Lipstick stained poster of Kirk Cameron? Framed vinyl records?); what pieces and styles are we drawn to; perhaps even styles we just don’t get. It’s all so subjective, but should be very telling about each of us as well. Feel free to leave your critiques in the comments.

1 tips left at the bar:

SMILF said...

I <3 art! I can't wait to see this. I'm going with the Kirk Cameron posters. Just sayin'. HA Maybe mixed in with some NKOTB??