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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Ok, so no one is feeling inspired by my Art Weekly Special. . sad. I realized that I’m fairly boring, myself, when I really started looking around and fall into the mostly Family and Friends Photos category of “art” in my house, which is not surprising considering my love and passion for pictures. I have 3 “real” pieces:


corks from different varieties of wine hangs in the kitchen, above the sideboard.



and our dining room has these two pieces that pick up the colors so amazingly.

IMG_5335 IMG_5336

Although, I consider my furniture and decor (mirrors, clocks, etc.) and little knick-knacks to all be part of my aesthetic (we’ve deemed it Rustic Elegance. ha.) and I do love art, just don’t own much of it, I guess.

Beyond these, I have a wall of pictures in our stairwell that contains not just photographs, but also sketch drawings of each of the kids and us in Italy last summer and silhouette profiles of each of the kids, so I think it’s a nice mix.


I love personal pictures that tell a story, not just show people. In addition to the standard family photo over the mantel place (that just this year replaced the UGA end zone picture), wedding photos and kid photos, we have a collage frame with pictures of a helicopter from an Atlanta Nascar pre-race ceremony, shells on the beach at Tybee Island, our beach set up (umbrella, chairs with the hotel in the background) in Daytona where we went for several years, me on the beach, leaning against a palm tree from our first anniversary trip in Ft. Lauderdale, me in a vineyard in Italy, us on a camping trip before kids, pictures of grandparents now and then, us as younger kids, etc. I enjoy my sister’s house, because her husband is an excellent photographer and they have pictures that look like basic things, but they are ones he took and that mean something to them. Like a crab from their honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s a really cool picture of a crab, but it’s also awesome, because it’s one he took on a trip that had significance. I like that concept.

I also plugged this web site before, because I really think it’s unique.

And that concludes our discussion on art for the day, thank you.

4 tips left at the bar:

Miss Thystle said...

I like to call the look of my home "Wild West Goodwill Chic". That aside, I love the china hutch in your dining room!

SMILF said...

I'm with you on the pictures - I love random pictures that have meaning. I hate posed pictures. I only have like 5 pictures on my wedding day that are even posed, the rest are more photojournalism style which I ADORE. Your dining room is so freaking pretty BTW!

penelope said...

Ooo. Love the dining room art!

Ruby said...

The wine cork picture reminds me of a piece of art that my sister has: a shadow box frame filled with corks from bottles of wine that she and her husband have shard at various special occasions. Maybe you and your hubby could fill a shadow box or two? (No? Damn those box wines for not coming with a cork!)

I can just see the bar extending from the left side of your dining room to the right from those pictures. Lovely!