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Thursday, July 9, 2009

more smARTini

We have quite a lot of art in our house. Reading over Andi and Ruby’s posts, it seems that I didn’t even think to address family photos and children’s art creations. And I might have forgotten to take a picture of all the art downstairs in the office/den, and in our bedroom, and the kids’ rooms. Oops. So lazy this week, we barmaids are! But, the kitchen art at least has been covered over at (mis)adventures here and here, where you’ll see that I was sort of inspired a few months back by our Smartini sidebar and its vintage metal signs. Love them. And I did manage to photograph the living room art.

Here’s the painting over our fish tank, which was purchased at a local Art for the Masses show, and even though one of my friends looked at it once and was all, I could paint that with my eyes closed, I still sort of love it.


This sketch was a wedding present, also purchased at an Art for the Masses show, and it features a fish-eye view of our downtown. Whether we stay or someday go, it’s a cool thing to have on the wall.


We like some Ansel Adams. One year we considered moving out West, and I think those daydreams sort of inspired this purchase.


And finally, this picture, which was also a wedding present, selected by a friend who knows our story, and how we kind of got together through our two dogs, who remain best pals. I know it’s a children’s book/illustration, though I have yet to check it out…


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Ruby said...

I love that you have so much art! That's so awesome and 'grown up' (?) of you! I particularly love the downtown sketch. I think I would really enjoy having a sketch of the downtown of the cities I have lived in... Fabulous idea! :)