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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Answers in Pictorial Form

a. Got a hickey from the hot tub


b. Threw up – Poor Ruby, ok, no pictures for this one. you’re welcome.

c. "Mine are pancake-ish. Just wait until I take my bra off, it's true."

d. "These mother f*ing shoes are BAD ASS!" – Penelope defending her Doc Martens.

e. "You and your f*ing hippie ideas" – Pen cursing Niki’s suggestion to climb a rock for a group photo.

f. “The darker the chocolate, the worser it is.” – Niki on dogs eating chocolate, clearly after a few drinks.

g. "I've known her since sixth grade, it's statistically impossible to NOT have seen her boobs." – Ashley via phone discussing Niki’s appreciation of nudity

h. “My Zen is on the bottom of this bottle of wine” -- Niki

i. Drank wine from an (emptied) beer bottle – Ruby! Perhaps the downfall that resulted in letter b above!

j. Woke up with a hangover (multiple answers!) – all of the mommies might have celebrated their freedom a bit much! Somehow Niki and Tempe seemed to be chipper and capable of getting out of bed or off the couch.

k. Is taking home the recyclables in a Costco bag – Penelope, which made the amusing irony in letter e above.

l. Cooked us dinner


this fabulousness was waiting on us when we got back from our hike!

IMG_4289 and here is the chef serving our delectable Cajun Shrimp Pasta dish, which you can whip up in a jiffy, too, if you so desire!

IMG_4291 we do, indeed exist and it may not be shots or in the hot tub, but we all had glasses in our hands, Mendacious, per your request! Except Pen is drinking milk. Ha! No, it’s some of Andria’s incredible Pina Coladas! Something to help temper our drinking pace – brain freeze will make you drink a little slower.

m. "No, I’m not lucky, I’m just an alcoholic.” – Tempe discussing her lack of a hangover.

n. “I look like I’ve never been sexy in my life.” – Niki lamenting a picture in which she was attempting to look sultry.

o. Brought a cloth grocery bag (multiple answers!) – all of us, hooray! Aren’t we with it?!

p. Did morning yoga in the kitchen – more of Niki’s hippie shit.

q. Went for a 3-mile hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway (multiple answers!) – All but Tempe, who was back at the cabin cooking our wonderful meal from letter l above.


P1020769 our fearless leader. . .

P1020770 cheerleader, that is!


P1020990 we were hiking to a waterfall and thought we’d found it!

P1020991 hmm, perhaps a little small.

oh, here’s the real waterfall.


Niki had to climb and play around on the rocks.





r. Peed in the woods – who’s the hippie? again, no pictures allowed. (Dude. I REALLY had to go! It was the woods or my pants. - N)

s. “G as in G-G-G-Good God.” – cup size!

t. “Is this Dead Animalville?” – Tempe remarking on all of the stuffed animals hanging in the cabin.

u. “This hole is not natural.” – Niki commenting on a rock that had a perfectly round hole drilled through it. Clearly, she is the winner of the Most Quotable Humor for the Captain’s Log.

v. “We need to do an ass montage.” – After Andria complained about how many pictures of her ass had been taken throughout the day.

w. “You hit puberty 20 years too late.” – Niki to Tempe on her expanded chest size.

x. “I was trashy.” – Niki, who would like to emphasize the past tense (This is SO out of context it takes too long to explain - N).

y. On having babies: “Knock me over the head and cut it out like a tumor.” - Tempe

z. "If that goes on the blog, I quit" – I was tempted to post the picture, because I still think it’s super cute, but. . .I don’t want to lose Niki over it.

Here are just a few others. . .







10 tips left at the bar:

mendacious said...

i am satsified.

pen i can't believe you took the recyclables home. i hang my head in ... ? well... i mean... its a little ocd is all i'm saying.

you guys are awesome.

penelope said...

m, you have, btw, been dubbed an honorary smartini, w/ your presence required at one of our future retreats.

but about the recyclables... are you telling me your tree-hugging self wouldn't have done the same thing?? there were a LOT of recyclables... and i feel good about it altogether. :)

mendacious said...

i have to confess- my LA, nature loving self wouldnot.

kerry was adamant about that when we were out in the middle of the desert and it drove me batty. i sort of draw a balance btw practicality, ocassional extravegence and have no earth guilt about it. so i totally have p.t.s issues about it.

and me honorary = awesome!

Cakelet said...

Bloggers in the wilderness, drinking wine straight from the bottle. Sweet! Looks like you guys did it right. Hope you can do it lots more times.

niki said...

Pen, I got your back because if you hadn't taken the recylables, I totally would have. M - can't wait for you to join us, especially if hiking is involved - I need someone to help me motivate these girls (and to trick Tempe into coming along).

I'd also like to edit and fess up that I'm a jackass. Re: Item R "Peed in the woods." My initial commentary refers to the woods or my pants, and that, in fact, is incorrect. You see, I was confusing the second time I peed in the woods (at Grandfather Mountain while hiking alone) with the first time (um, while we were in the hot tub and I didn't want to track water in the house and it would take too long to dry off). My sincerest apologies.

tempe said...

I'd like to clarify that I'm not actually an alcoholic, I just play one on TV.

Er...wait. What?


sheila said...

Girls, this looked like an awesome time and I am so jealous of the fun that was obviously had!

And I would have taken the recycling home if I had the room!

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