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Friday, April 17, 2009

From the Captain’s Log

We're keeping a little notebook Captain's Log of what's going down here at the cabin. Can you guess which barmaid said or did the following things?

a. got a hickey from the hot tub

b. threw up

c. "Mine are pancake-ish. Just wait until I take my bra off, it's true."

d. "These mother f*ing shoes are BAD ASS!"

e. "You and your f*ing hippie ideas"

f. “The darker the chocolate, the worser it is.”

g. "I've known her since sixth grade, it's statistically impossible to NOT have seen her boobs."

h. “My Zen is on the bottom of this bottle of wine”

i. drank wine from an (emptied) beer bottle

j. woke up with a hanover (multiple answers!)

k. is taking home the recyclables in a Costco bag

l. cooked us dinner

m. "No, I’m not lucky, I’m just an alcoholic.”

n. “I look like I’ve never been sexy in my life.”

o. brought a cloth grocery bag (multiple answers!)

p. did morning yoga in the kitchen

q. went for a 3-mile hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway (multiple answers!)

r. peed in the woods

s. “G as in G-G-G-Good God.”

t. “Is this Dead Animalville?”

u. “This hole is not natural.”

v. “We need to do an ass montage.”

w. “You hit puberty 20 years too late.”

x. “I was trashy.”

y. On having babies: “Knock me over the head and cut it out like a tumor.”

z. "If that goes on the blog, I quit"

3 tips left at the bar:

mendacious said...

i like it!
(though still... i mean this could be happening on a dilapedated couch outside of Atlantic City for all i know.)

Cakelet said...

I was afraid because of the hype the trip to the cabin would be a disappointment. But it looks like you guys are rockin' it. You ARE taking pictures,right? They WILL be published, right?

sheila said...

OMG -- I laughed so hard at these!! Sounds like a normal, booze-fueled girls weekend. Well done!!