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Thursday, April 16, 2009

We have officially escaped

We're here, kids! The Smartini girls have descended upon our cabin in the mountains and commenced drinking.

Ok, actually it's just me that has gotten this party started. But that's alright. I hear that Tempe (who is on her way) is coming loaded with 3 bottles of vodka and 6 bottles of wine. There is debate as to whether Tempe actually had to stop at a liquor store or just pulled those 9 bottles from her personal collection. My money is on the personal collection. (Hey, we didn't make this website a bar for no reason!)

The good news is that a) we will have a TON of liquor, beer and wine and b) there is a very hot hot tub outside that is calling our name.

The bad news is that I forgot the Scrabble board. DAMMIT!

As soon as someone with a much newer computer gets here, we will post photos of cabin o' debauchery and make you oh-so jealous. Wait, what? You are tired of hearing about our retreat and weekend getaway? That's not possible, especially when I tell you that we will be playing drinking games and participating in some intoxicated posting. Just a FYI....

Do you have any requests of us? A group photo to prove that we all exist? A post about the knock down drag out game of foosball? Or a bathing suit shot from the hot tub? Let us know!

4 tips left at the bar:

mendacious said...

i want pics of you guys taking shots, and with drinks in the hottub and random people you meet on your drunk benders. do as i say!

Bj in Dallas said...

Oh yeah, pictures. So we don't think you are all one person, like a lonely guy in New Jersey that just writes this blog and makes us think you are all southern beauties....

When the girls and I went to the store in Mexico to stock up the house, we had so much beer and liquor in our (3) baskets that were wasn't much room for food.

Have a blast, you all deserve it!

Cakelet said...

Okay, since you're in a cabin in the deep, dark woods at the end of a deep, dark road in the middle of the deep, dark night and this is a time for deep, dark reflection --, here's what I want to know from you:
What is your deepest fear?
What is your deepest ache?
What is your deepest longing?
What is your dream?
What are you going to do with your life?
That's good for a start, I think. If it's too "deep", then how about just telling me what you did together on any given day? I like seeing what other people are doing in their lives. It's fun.

mendacious said...

um, its already the next day- where is my group shot- with everyone and the drinks in their hands???