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Friday, March 27, 2009


Stashed away in my car, IF I can manage to remember such luxuries in the midst of packing for myself and the two little ones I’ll be dropping off at Camp Grandma on the way to the retreat, will be:

Extra Wii remotes, if Niki thinks we’ll need them.


A Magic 8 Ball, for making important group decisions:


Small selection of movies, for in case there’s a movie-watching lull:

image image image image

(I’m open to suggestions on this one, for stuff everyone will enjoy. I’ve got lots of movies to share. Think 80s, Harry Potter, and all your basic chick flicks.)

Extra food and wine to assist with Andi’s smartini practicality, though not sure what yet. And…

Cranium? Where do you all stand on Cranium? I’ll have to see if our purple Sculpt-It play-doh like substance hasn’t had it yet.


Lastly, I will bring my head, if it remains attached.


I can’t wait!

9 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

ooohh, I LOVE Cranium! Please bring it. :) I have plenty of regular play-doh, just let me know if I need to pack it.

penelope said...

Hooray! I was thinking it would be a good game for us. What about the rest of you girls?

I've got some extra play-doh, now that I"m thinking about it.

niki said...

Good call with the magic 8 ball! Love me some Cranium and HP! But um, if you guys make me watch Mamma Mia! for a second time, there better be a drinking game involved to dull the pain :)

penelope said...

Girlie, you just bought yourself a SINGALONG.

Mwah. ;)

niki said...

I knew I should've kept my damn mouth shut! I'd like to make an addendum to my list: IV drip of vodka. :)

penelope said...

I have the soundtrack, too, so we can take it everywhere we go!

Actually, it occurs to me that Megan would probably hate this movie as well. Which either makes it doubly a good idea to leave home, or doubly tempting to bring and inflict/threaten torture...

mendacious said...


Ruby said...

Stop the Mamma Mia madness! You are absolutely correct, Pen. Megan and I would both strongly dislike MM. Like poke our collective eyes and ears out with a rusty, dull fork, STRONGLY DISLIKE. Maybe Niki and I will just drink alone while y'all watch the movie? Megan can get her own drinks. :)

Cranium: Yes!

(Who loves the head shot?! ME!)

penelope said...

I think that Megan should be the official bar wench for the retreat, serving up all the drinks. What does she really do, anyway? She never posts anymore...