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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes Stealing is OK. Just Sayin'.

Tonight I went to the store for beer and snacks.  I went into the beer room last because a) it's cold in there and I was dreading it, and b) I didn't want to carry the damn beer all over the store.  I selected Corona Light and headed out to get a lime before checking out.

Well, the stupid display of caramel popcorn distracted me, and I ended up making an impulse buy after choosing caramel & nut over plain caramel.  Of course, I didn't realize until I had already paid and nearly out the door that caramel popcorn had completely messed up my game and caused me to forget the lime!

Honestly, thank goodness I had only had one beer before going to the store, because for a split-second, as I made my way out the door, I *almost* popped over to the produce and snagged a lime.  Fortunately I snapped out of it before actually theiving the fruit, but you know what, I kind of feel like it should be ok to do that. Because clearly I'm not going to go back through the line for the lime; it's just a lime.  But also, I really do sort of need the lime.  Ok, I'm just going to say it: since I bought Corona, I feel entitled to the damn lime and I think they should let me have it if the caramel popcorn impulse buy prevents me from getting it. Don't you agree?

4 tips left at the bar:

Cakelet said...

I think a reasonable compromise would have been to go back, steal the lime, but leave 50 cents (or whatever the going rate is for a lime these days) on the edge of the lime display. Then, you're not stealing. You're just buying in a different way.

penelope said...

Corona should come with a few limes already in box, I feel. It would solve this ethical dilemma AND encourage me to buy Corona at Costco, where I often feel compelled to buy the case of beer, but stop when I realize I'll have to buy a bag of 50 limes to go with it.

Miss Thystle said...

True story, here in the AZ, there are normally limes IN the beer aisle. Because we're drunk AND lazy.

Ruby said...

The limes SHOULD be with the Corona! Andi, call your marketing peeps, STAT! Tell them to get in touch with the lime peeps. You'd be golden!