shot of sass, served on (n)ice

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A litte Q & A. No, not T & A! Although you never know with us.

Want to know what the weekly special is? Are you super curious? Do you think it might be us telling you about our wildest night in college? Or maybe it's a list of our favorite beverages? Are the questions driving you crazy? Me too?

Questions, y'all! That's what the WS is. Five days and five questions that we are going to ask of you and of ourselves. Please leave a comment with your answer, even if you have to camouflage yourself with Anonymous. We won't judge you. (Maybe.) Keep in mind, none of our answers will be in the post so keep checking back to see what we, and your fellow patrons, have to say.

Extra points to the person that's been drinking before they hit up the bar. You know, just to keep things lively!

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