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Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a Monday. Let's talk about your underwear.

Question #1 for the big Week O' Asking All Kinds of Things We Shouldn't:

Tell us, which describes what you've got going on underneath your pants? (Whoa, whoa, whoa! That sounds ALL WRONG. Yet so right....)

Commando, thong, bikini, boy short or granny?


Commando, whitey tighties, boxer-briefs or boxers?

Anybody who answers 'commando', please don't use Anonymous! Be proud of your 'I'm in deep dookie if my pants rip' status! Plus, we have a right to know who is freestylin' while at the bar!

26 tips left at the bar:

Cakelet said...

I read once somewhere that every once in a while you should wear really beaudacious underwear underneath your ordinary and mundane outfits because it will make you feel .... I don't know... secretly exciting? So I was walking past the men's underwear section in Macy's and I saw these black silk boxers with red dragons on them, and I thought, that's as beaudacious as it gets and I bought them. And you know what? I did feel secretly exciting. Funny thing is, they're gone now, and I have absolutely no idea where they went. And hey... that's kind of secretly exciting too.
Most days, though, it's grannies and boy shorts. I stay away from bikinis and thongs for now. Maybe some day. And I go commando when the laundry situation requieres it, which is usually a couple of times a month. Gotta watch it with the commando, though. Check those inseams... make sure those jeans are intact. Nice to have ventilation and all, but commando does necessitate a higher degree of discretion with respect to holey jeans...

Ruby said...

Thong. For the love of pete, they aren't as bad as some make them out to be! (As long as you get the right size, my dears, the right size is CRUCIAL!)

Cakelet, you are so right! Red dragons would totally make me excited. And I'm pretty sure I would feel compelled to tell other people 'Do you know what's on my underwear? RED DRAGONS!' which would defeat the point. Did you tell anyone?

I have got to say that I can't remember the last time I went commando. It kind of makes me shudder. What's wrong with me?

penelope said...

Boy shorts! They're the only thing that looks or feels right to me.

I like the dragons story. :)

niki said...

I'm with Ruby, I totally would've spilled my "red dragons" to everyone I met.

As for what I wear, I believe my affinity for undergarments is well documented at the bar! I do not discriminate against any kind of panty, although it has been ages since I've worn the granny style. That being said, I occasionally go commando at night after my post-workout shower because I'm just going to sleep then shower again. Why waste laundry?

Miss Thystle said...

Um. These ones that are not-quite-granny and not-quite-bikini. I think they're called "hipster" cut?

penelope said...

I was wearing hipsters for awhile, but they still cut into my thighs. I realize there are other solutions to this problem (exercise, *cough*), but I opted for new underwear instead. Nice roomy boy shorts, I love them!

sheila said...

I'm a hipster/high-cut or something like that. Although I am becoming partial to the bikinis from Soma...very soft & they don't cut into anything.

Never been a fan of the thong. But Ruby might be right, the size may be the issue. But how do you return thongs that are the wrong size? That is whole other topic, I think!

Bj in Dallas said...

People that like thongs usually also like Sushi, and I don't like either...AND, I've tried both several times, like different brand, different restaurant, try the ones I like, try the one I always order. they just don't get it, I like NEITHER.

I have a black stretchy no panty line something on, and I Lurve them. And I like fishsticks too.

penelope said...

I'm not sure about this rule. I do not enjoy thongs, but very much love sushi. Maybe they are each just love/hate entities, with no in-betweens?

Ruby said...

Did I touch a nerve, BJ? :) I was merely pointing out the fact that when it comes to thongs, you (I) cannot kid yourself (myself)into a medium when your (my) booty needs a large!

Dang, I'm going to throw the whole thing askew when I tell you that I don't eat stuff that lived in water. Not Even Fishsticks!

Can we come together over hot underwear for guys and some beef? Or combine them and share the love for beefcakes? Yes?

penelope said...

No food that lived in water, like ever? Please discuss.

Karen said...

Before kids: thongs. Sexy thongs and tangas. I had the money to get regular "landing strip" bikini waxes. (There's nothin' worse than a woman in a thong "looking like a ZZ-Top concert", to quote Larry The Cable Guy.) I almost feel like wearing a thong necessitates immaculate grooming of thong-covered area!

After kids: boyshorts, bikinis, the occasional tanga.

Cakelet said...

I never did tell anyone about my red dragons. I just secretly smouldered when I wore them, feeling dangerous and unpredictable. I think, after awhile, wearing the red dragons kind of gets into your mind and gives you a powerful, dragony energy that people can sense, even though they're not really sure what they're sensing. Damn, I miss those dragons now!

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to try the boyshorts, but haven't coughed up the money.

I think technically today mine are hipsters. Not quite bikini, but definitely not granny.

I'm staying anonymous, because I'm admitting that I'll buy in the girls' section if they have the bigger sizes. Their packs are so much cheaper!

penelope said...

I'm a cheapskate, I've admitted it before and I'll admit it again. Hanes makes a nice boy shorts. I buy them at Target. They have a cheapie version that I don't recommend, because it won't hold up long in the wash. The "top of the line" are nice, but they really are, literally, a lot more like boy shorts with the fabric and style and everything. The middle of the road gives you three to a pack for like, $8, I want to say.

I feel like I should be ashamed for spending so little on my underwear. But I'm really not.

mendacious said...

oh geez.
well right now i'm really into micro-fibre, jockey, french cut. breathable, and oh so comfy. I spend about $10 on each pair when it's all said and done, but i'll go for sales when i can. it's worth it. the ones i'm wearing right now are fuschia.

the thing i don't understand about thongs-- like why where underwear at all? what sort of coverage does it really give- i mean i really need a scientific explanation.

and i usually go commando when its pajama time.

and i would one day like to wear lowrise cuts.

ok, i think that's it.

Ruby said...

I feel all alone in the thong corner of the room... M, they cover *ahem* the midsection, which is the purpose of panties in general, right?

Wait, I'm not alone! Karen was with me! AND I MIGHT POINT OUT that Karen, dear sweet Karen, was the one who brought us to the light about the Liberator. And that's saying A LOT. :) (Although I don't know what a tanga is. Must go google.)

Am I allowed to add an addendum question? Hearing no objection, I'll ask you this:

Men going commando - sexy or not?

penelope said...

This is the best bar post ever!

I have no idea what a tanga is, also must google.

On the thong issue, I say to each her own, but really, I don't much understand the point. No panty lines, I get it, I get it, but no thank you on the butt floss feeling.

Every time I think about men going commando, I imagine hair being caught in zippers. Or worse, that prom night scene from There's Something About Mary.

So no, doesn't do it for me.

If we're adding questions, we COULD talk about the grooming issue. We could. But I don't know if I'm brave enough to contribute.

Ruby said...

Pen, if the thongs are right, you don't have the floss effect! You don't feel it at all! It's like your hiney is riding a delicate cloud of fluffy... where in the hell am I going with this?

Men commando = no thank you to me too. I have heard tales of those women who find it provocative, though. Just wanted to see if there were any of them out there!

One time at a drunken bachelorette party we posed the 'housekeeping' question to random men and women. We found a variety of answers from the guys (as to what they prefer at a girl's home), while most girls voted to keep their houses neat and tidy. I agree.

Andria said...

wow. who knew we'd have so much to say on underoos!

I like the hipsters, too. And boy shorts? I'm not sure. .I have some from American Eagle that I used to get every year, but I don't think they are quite boy shorts. But, they are thicker and I like the thinner, less seams kind I get now.

Thongs. NO THANKS! And Sushi, same: NO THANKS! Fishsticks, sure. Shrimp, yes, please. Crabcakes, mm-hmm.

Commando?! ick! on all accounts. (not judging, just not for me or a preference or desire in anyway) My brother goes commando and we see his rear all too often (although, perhaps better fitting pants or a belt would aid in this occurrence) and sleeping in the nude just gets complicated when you have a crowd/full house! or go camping.

tanga? there will be a lot of hits for it on google today!

neat and tidy, thank you.

I think it's important to match your bra and panties. Even more so after watching the contestants on Amazing Race running in their undies. Except, I don't really, because I don't own that many different bras. But, I do tend to match the color with the colors of my outer clothes. is that odd? I tend to be in color moods. just like food moods. and well, mood moods. I'm moody, ok? what of it? back off! ;)

Andria said...

can't wait for Tuesday's question!

sheila said...

Back to the thongs & sushi -- I love the Sushi, not so much on the thongs.

Commando for boys - not as a rule. When they sit down, all their junk seems to fall about (especially in the summer, when it's short season & all).

This is a great post!! What a fun week!

niki said...

Damn. A girl sleeps an entire day and look how much she misses!

Megs - you are not alone with the thongs. I definitely wear them, just not as much as I used to due to doctor's orders. And I half-way like sushi (vegetarian kinds) and loathe fishsticks :)

Googled tangas, still not completely sure what they are, except that wikipedia tells me it's an old currency in Tajikistan or an italian-based chimpanzee actress!

Men going commando is not hot. Men in black boxer-briefs - HOT.

TANGA said...

Hope this works! Victoria's Secret calls them "cheekys" or "Brazillian Cut" panties...

Karen said...

Oh- forgot to add to click on the name "Tanga" and it should take you to the link

penelope said...

I agree with the Amazing Race comment. Although, if I were going on a reality TV show, I'd make sure my undies matched, just because. Even if I didn't anticipate having to run a mile through Siberia in my skivvies.

Tangas! Cute. They seem like they would be less flossy.