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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Went Out For Wine and Dessert. I Came Back With This

This is why I should never be allowed to go to the grocery store without a list. At night.

Let me try to explain: Three cartons of ice cream because it was on super sale that ended yesterday (and is the really, really good kind), cupcakes because I LOVE icing, a container of cream cheese brownies because maybe my husband would like them?, pancake mix for in the morning, a little cup of peanut brittle because it was only a dollar!, Reynolds Cling Wrap because I walked past it and realized that I needed it, one BABW that I knew I liked, and one BABW of a brand I have been wanting to try, and beer because we were out. All very, very logical, right?!

Could this have easily been the shopping cart of anyone else? Please? Or am I all alone in the insanity?

4 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

You're all alone Megan, all alone. Especially with the ice cream and the BABW. I never purchase such atrocities.

Bj in Dallas said...

I'm thinking a Chardonnay Float!!
Did you smoke anything before you went to the store because that looks like a shopping cart from my college days...minus cigarettes and toilet paper..

Miss Thystle said...

That's the best looking shopping cart EVER. All it needs is a gossip magazine and maybe some condoms.

sheila said...

OK, BJ & Thystle & I must all be cut from the same cloth. Becuase that is just what I was thinking - you musta had the munchies! And gossip rags were the only thing missing!
A girl after my own heart, that's what you are!