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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good things come in a box. . .with a tap.

Ok, here she is (I think mine is female as well, Megs).

I kind of love my refrigerator. We used to have a big blank policy and not put much on the front at all, but it's slowly accumulated things. . .the thermometer (which I can't live without knowing how cold it is outside before venturing out), one magnet, one picture magnet, Sweet Pea's First-ever hair cut certificate!, Word Whammer and Farmer Tad (used to be hidden behind towels, but Wild Man kept yanking them down and we got tired of constantly replacing them, since they were just decorative anyway and not functional). Was that the longest run-on sentence ever? I think it might have been. Moving along. . .

Oldest: top left, that Ham is from before Christmas!!!! yikes! But, Hubby thinks he's saving it for the dogs to have a feast on the bone?
Staples: sippie cups of milk, Box of wine, Diet Cokes (normally Cherry!), fruit, yogurt, Tupperware containers of leftovers, lots of salad stuff (for Hubby)

And more big ass bottles of wine in the door, all of the condiments and water bottles and Brita water pitcher. I'm not sure how old that GingerAle bottle is.

And down below in the freezer. . .

lurks lots of processed foods: popcorn shrimp, chicken fingers, pizzas, grilled cheese Uncrustables, a leftover tray of party quiches from December, frozen shrimp for the fish in the 75 gallon salt water fish tank, etc. There is no telling what lies beneath though. I'm sure there are some scary tin foil containers and such.

3 tips left at the bar:

Megan said...

I kind of love your refrigerator too! If I had know those quiche were in there when I came by, I would have certainly made off with them. I love those things!

And I'm sorry, what exactly is spelled in your Word Whammer there...?

Andria said...

hee. Just a little something I *might* have set up for the benefit of the bar.
Or else, I need to be concerned about the words my 3 year old daughter is learning!

penelope said...

Hi-larious! Good eye, Megan.

I love your fridge, too. We had a stainless fridge once, for about five minutes. Until we realized we measured wrong, and wouldn't be able to close the door next to the it. D'oh. Always measure before buying a fridge! As if you guys didn't already know that.