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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Corn Dogs and Beer

Here she sits in the yellow glow that is my rental house kitchen. (Is it a she? I think so.) Normally I have all kinds of stuff on the front on my fridge, but since we just moved in, we haven't gotten to that yet. But we will, rest assured.

And behold the... relative emptiness of her! Again, since we just moved in (and brought no chilled items with us) this refrigerator has the items that I felt were key. You know, ketchup, mayo, Diet Coke, BEER.

Oh, and wine. Wine that my dad gave me for my birthday. (Is that sad, that my father gave me two bottles of wine for my birthday? My lush-ness is well know, obviously. And one bottle is already gone, obviously!)

The freezer section is a bit of a bare, frozen tundra, save for the corn dogs and pancakes. And some frozen cube steaks. And all those ice cube trays because we can't find where to turn on the water line for the ice maker. Kickin' it old school!

The beer, wine, Diet Coke, sweet tea and cheese are the things you will almost always find in my fridge. And milk for the kids, I suppose, but only after the other items are securely inside. OBVIOUSLY.

(All of my stuff is brand new, so nothing is out of date. Yet. Like filling up the front with junk, there will be things growing hair in there soon. When we were cleaning out the old fridge I came across some gravy that I made at Thanksgiving (three weeks earlier) that was growing more stuff than I have ever seen on one item. And that's just one example. We has several items from Thanksgiving, let's just say.)

5 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

You have a distinct advantage in this fridge post, I see. Perhaps we can get a follow-up photo series in about 6 months or so?

J.Lo and I just found a container of peanuts with exp date NOV 06. I'm so sad that it was last week, before I knew about the special! I totally would have taken a picture, rather than burying it deep in the trash can.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Wow. I'm impressed that your dad buys you bottles for your birthday. Mine just gets me a box.

me said...

I think it is imperative to have more alcohol than food in your fridge. That's how it works in my house so I am glad to see that you are on the same track as me!


niki said...

I'm with Pen - you're a cheater because you just moved. Totally required to do follow-up in 6 months!

I'll put money on the fact that I've got the oldest item in my fridge. Hands down. Any takers? (No, I haven't checked yet, but I just me and I know the rest of you, so...)

Megan said...

I am absolutely a cheater! Hee hee!

And hell no I won't take you on that bet! I knows you, Niki, and I knows what I think that fridge of yours looks like!