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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treasure Trove

Megan clearly hates me. Fridge came with the house and is ooh-old, maybe older than Megan's wallpaper.

Obama flyer, Obama/Biden sticker from election day, important bills I can't forget (that have been redacted for security purposes because I'm paranoid), Christmas card of nephew, set list from a Conor Oberst & Mystic Valley Band concert, Harry Potter paper/pen holder thingy, various other random stuff and cards.

Open Sesame:

Can't tell much except for random condiment bottles and bags of salads in the drawer (probably expired by now, to be honest); let's go in for a close-up.

My standards are there, but I'm not sure you can tell what they are: hummus, almost-empty bottle of salsa, leftovers (in my new recycled containers!), pita bread, butter, and spinach. Semi-regulars include: carrots, beer, V8 juice, half-full wine (on the side door two pictures up).

In the Freezer:

Masala normally doesn't reside in the freezer, but he wouldn't move and he wasn't actually blocking anything except some sherbet bars, so I left him there. You can't discern much, so I'll tell you: frozen veggies, various assorted frozen veggie dinners, frozen pizza, ice cream/sherbet, bag of ice (because my ice maker is disgusting (see above, old) and I don't really use ice at all except to give Masala as a treat), some frozen peanut butter dog treats that I should throw out because I refuse to give them to him due to tons of artificial ingredients and sugar (if only I ate as healthy as he does, sigh).

And now, the grand finale - oldest dated item in my refrigerator - and most likely all Smartini girls' fridges:

Unopened container of plain yogurt. Can you see the date? June 28 08 That means I probably bought it a week or two before then. Ick. In my defense, it wasn't opened and I often forget I buy these little guys as they hide on the side rack and get overlooked during periodic purges of the fridge.

4 tips left at the bar:

sheila said...

What a healthy eater you are (except for that old yogurt!!). I'm quite impressed!

BTW- throw out Masala's peanut butter treats. I heard this morning that the latest round of salmonella-infected food products are doggie treats. Maybe not these, but no one wants a sick puppy!

Andria said...

Is that monkey note from me?

That's kind of gross, but. . .it's really not that bad, I promise!

penelope said...

Ooo, the preserve products! I'm going to have to check those out. I just saw the toothbrushes somewhere, maybe in a magazine?

Megan said...

You do eat so healthy! And yes, clearly I must hate you - I mean, know you very well. I kind of had you pegged from the get go!