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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fridge on a Mission: What Happens When I Read Too Much About Food*

FridgeOutsideMy illustrious refrigerator, purchased when we bought our home 3 1/2 years ago. If I could do it all over again, it would be BLACK. Or stainless, but they didn’t have any small enough for the space, at the time. It’s just that I find white so darn difficult to keep clean. And I loathe the water stains on the dispenser—our water has a lot of iron in it. At least the children won’t be anemic?

FridgeDoorOn the door: lots of condiments! Your standard fare. Looks pretty neat, too, doesn’t it? I didn’t clean up for this photo shoot, I swear. I’ve been on an anti-high fructose corn syrup kick, among others, as of late, and recently took inventory. You’ll still see a few items in our fridge that aggravate me, such as the Heinz ketchup, the crappy chocolate syrup, the A-1 sauce I think is “contaminated” with HFCS, and let’s not even talk about the deli drawer—yet. Also note that the third shelf was recently moved down a peg to store a really big bottle of wine I meant to replace today, but forgot. Sigh. It would have been current fav pinot grigio. From Costco. I’m sad it’s not there.

FridgeInsideA few hours before I took this photo, the shelves were actually pretty bare:






BareShelves Barer, anyway. Costco contributed a big container of strawberries, salad, more milk (shoved in the back—we go through lots around here), liquid candy-er, Coke, and eggs. In my ideal world, they would be organic and/or relatively local strawberries, and farm-fresh eggs, and milk from a local dairy, but what can you do. We can’t all afford to shop at the co-op. (Or drag our ass over there for three things with two small children in tow, when Costco is two miles from the house and the co-op is like, ten, as the case may be.)

What I am proud of on those shelves are the homemade leftovers: pizza sauce, Paula Deen’s French Toast Casserole (omg), and shrimp lo mein (tonight’s dinner).

Also notable: Feta cheese, which is very tasty in an omelet with fresh spinach. Also, plain yogurt, which we put in our dog’s food every morning. To be polite, it helps their digestion. Bender especially was not… flower-fresh, let’s say, pre-yogurt. And may the Force be with you if you forget one day.

There is also a ginormous tub of Country Crock that I feel too guilty to throw out. Yet. And it is so much more spreadable than even the whipped butter.

In the drawers, you’ll find standard assorted vegetables, including some questionable onions. I can’t seem to find onions around here that were fresh to begin with, they all come with sprouts. Maybe I should plant them instead? Hot dogs (Hebrew National, HFCS-free), bacon (nitrate-filled, alas), lots and lots of cheese, including (if you must) the Kraft cheese-food product slices I wanted to outlaw forever, but I was overruled, 3:1. There’s mozza for pita pizzas, some crazy-delicious brie-type cheese, cheddar, and Gouda. Also, I am sad to say, this:EW

Not quite as old as Andi’s horseradish, but still.

FreezerDoorNow, the freezer! It’s hard to say for sure what’s in there. I’m really the only one who can navigate this bitch. There’s frozen cookies from Christmas, made by my mom and thieved surreptitiously, one by one, when the children aren’t looking. There’s a lot of chicken and pork chops and steak in there, along with homemade gravy, frozen veggies, more pizza sauce, ravioli, highly processed but delicious taquitos (I can’t win every battle around here, in spite of my sword-wielding ways), panko-breaded onion rings, which are ridiculous with an imposter recipe I found for Outback’s bloomin’ onion sauce… my freezer isn’t nearly as interesting, or as far along in my Quest for Better Food. But, it can serve as a reminder that one should never opt for the side-by-side fridge. Don’t be charmed by its fanciful arrangement! Storage is too darn tough, and forget about anything wider than a foot. Although, one should also know that the more crap a person stuffs in her freezer, the more efficient it runs, no matter what kind it is. 

I leave you with my favorite cookie tin. Uneeda Biscuit. Why yes, yes I do.


*Please note that this post would have been very different if this particular Weekly Special had been posed a few months ago. I’m… going through a phase. :) It can only last so long.

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Megan said...

Ineeda cookie! When we bought our fridge a) I wanted black but got outvoted and b) wondered about the side by side... So I'm 50/50, looks like.

Damn, I think I'm coming over to your house! ALL THAT CHEESE?! I'm in love. And I eat HFCS without flinching so really, I'd be helping you out by stopping by. Really.

Andria said...

Valiant efforts, indeed! Very impressive. I hope we don't contaminate you too much on our stop over.
We have our shelves arranged just so to hold those big ass bottles of wine as well. We just got a new Brita water pitcher and it's bigger than our old one and bumps the shelf above it, but we can't adjust that shelf because, alas, it is the BAWB shelf.

Debbie said...

Love that Paula Deen casserole. Of course, I'm pretty sure Paula will kill us sooner that HFCS, but it is a better way to go.

penelope said...

Touche, about Paula Deen. :)

sheila said...

I have to get one of those biscuit tins. It is awesome!!