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Monday, November 10, 2008

4 Your In4mation

I see you with your anticipation of the weekly special, waiting anxiously to read all about me and satisfy your sick curiosity. Even though curiosity killed the cat, To hell with the cat!, you say, he was old and weak and couldn't hack it! I can! If you say so, then satisfy yourself!

The Great List O'Fours:

4 Places I've Lived - my hometown in Georgia, off to college in Athens, Ga., back to my hometown, and then off to tame the wild west in Kansas

4 Jobs I've Had- plant propagator, phone answerer, number cruncher, student helper

4 Cars I've Had - Ford Fairmont, Olds Cutlass (absolute worst car EVER), Honda Accord, Ford Explorer

4 Web Sites I'd Be Lost Without- Blogger, All Recipes, MSN, Google

4 Foods I Love- mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese, peanut butter

4 People That Have Influenced Me- my family, the friend that taught me how to dance, Jose Quervo and Captain Morgan (influenced in a not so good way, I might add)

4 Events in My Life That Have Shaped Me- high school, college, marriage and motherhood

4 Drinks I Order-
Beer, beer, margarita (from that one Mexican joint that makes them SO STRONG and SO GOOD), beer

4 Movies I Could Watch Again and Again- Gone With the Wind, Christmas Vacation, Blazing Saddles, Old School

4 Things That Bring Me Comfort- hugs, laughter, that damn dog, beer (or wine or tequila)

7 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

Great list. Such a clever title, too.

3 of your 4 foods even go great together! And I like PB on just about everything; except perhaps the other 3 foods you listed! ;)

sheila said...

'plant propagator' sounds very interesting, almost bordering on seeming a bit illegal...but I know you're not that kind of girl!

I love the story about your damn dog; she's led quite the life.

And, are the 3 beers mentioned 3 different kinds of beer? Or a you just a beer lover like me?!

Miss Thystle said...

I've never put peanut butter in my mashed potatos...sounds dangerous...

Bj in Dallas said...

I thought the same thing about the plant propagator- I thought dayum, she's growing marijane!!! no, I knew better, after seeing that pic of you in jr hight......ha!
We'll do a list over at my place, and make sure MThystle behaves...

niki said...

Megs - I'm going to have to beg to differ about the Olds Cutlass, in general at least. Maybe yours was crap, but lasted me 10 years! (See my post on Thurs)

And who is that friend that taught you how to dance? Miss Katie? Because her dancing skillz have always cracked me up.

Megan said...

Sheila, Just a beer lover in general!

Wouldn't y'all love to know about the plant propagator job! I'll never tell!

Nik, Yes, I should clarify that THAT Olds Cutlass was a pile of shit, not the make in general. Miss Katie was not the person that I had in mind, but she did alter my dancing style (at least when we were on the dance floor together!). WHO AM I?!

niki said...

OMG. How could I forget "WHO AM I?" I just snarfed my water hearing that in my head. I was referring to her lack-of-rhythm-booty-shake in general. (Something I would say to her face, if she ever showed it at this bar, so I'm not trying to be bitchy behind her back or anything.)