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Monday, September 22, 2008

Modesty Isn't My Thing

So I'm sure y'all won't be surprised at all when I tell you that I've got hidden talent. Not one bit, right?! Because you already know that I can sing. And you've already seen proof positive that I can follow a recipe. But did you know that I am also really good at:

* arranging things so that lots of stuff can fit in a small space well- Luggage and crowded bedrooms are my forte, but I'll take on any Too-Much-Shit-In-Too-Small-Of-A-Space challenge. When my grandmama moved into a smaller apartment I arranged her furniture in such a way that they used her apartment as the 'show' apartment for future renters. Look at me!

* making an ass of myself and kind of not care- See Karaoke, above. Call it what you want, but I like to tell myself that this trait can make me a hell of a fun girl to hang out with. This is what I tell myself.

* playing devil's advocate- Sometimes to the point of being maddening, but I typically think the whole way around a situation before settling on an opinion or action. TYPICALLY. (Unless I'm hormonal, and then all bets are off and there's just no talking sense into me!)

* rationalizing just why it's ok for me to eat junk food, or even better, to NOT work out- Pretty self explainatory, really.

* dancing- No, not really, but since I'm so good at looking foolish without a care, I dance like there's no one watching. Ok, that's a lie. I totally dance like someone is watching and they just. can't. get. enough. So there. I said it.

* tooting my own horn- OBVIOUSLY.

I'm hoping that I don't look like this on the dance floor, but I'll leave it up to Niki to verify. (I think she's the only other Smartini girl to have witness my dancing goodness!)

6 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

Thank you so much for starting off my morning with a little Elaine dancing. I love it, so much.

Points one and four, ditto. Point four, currently the bane of my existence.

Andi said...

That's quite an impressive list! Why do you have to be first and make the rest of us look bad? ;)

Tempe said...

I'm gonna say that you're a MUCH better dancer than Elaine. But that clip is hilarious!

Great post! :)

julia said...

I wish I had your "arranging things so that lots of stuff can fit in a small space well" ability because I just moved into a tiny dorm room and there isn't even enough space to breathe!

niki said...

Megs - you line dance WAY better than that! And I for one do love you for not being afraid to make an ass out of yourself.

Bj in Dallas said...

I, too, have two things in common already-
I cram shit into small places with great ease
like my house that I say is the size of an AMC Pacer, and I don't care who the hell watches me dance, I just dance! I do know that when I dance with my hands above my head, I, am, officially, d-r-u-n-k
learned that one in Vegas at Toby Keiths bar..