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Monday, August 4, 2008

DARE: I'm a Member of the Club

Truth or Dare Karaoke, how fantastic!

Since I have previously proven (more than once) that I am unabashed about letting everyone know the kind of tunes I'm jamming to, it was obvious that I was going to have to take the dare on this one. What do I care if the Internets hears my awful singing? I don't know you people! (And if I do know you, then you are already aware of the fact that I really don't care how bad I sing, I'll do it in a crowd of people. Let 'em stare in open mouthed horror.)

So off I go on my merry way, to compose an awfully awesome video of my pipes. Prop up CD case, check. Position camera so that it just records said CD case, check. Belt out carefully selected song, with perhaps some slight dancing/gyrations, check. Transfer masterpiece to computer for approval, check. Approve masterpiece, not so fast.

It would appear that, unbeknownst to me, my reflection in the damn CD case was recorded as well. SONOFA! I was equally horrified and humored by myself so which lead to lots of nervous laughing as I watched. Who cares what I sound like, JUST LOOK AT ME!

This is deliciously terrible, and I hope that everyone appreciates the fact that I'm putting it up. If you get a good laugh for your Monday, please leave a comment in the tip jar. It will only encourage this kind of behavior, which will benefit you greatly, I'm sure.

(Note: You can see me:

1. bebopping around
2. motioning to E to quit 'dancing' (read: jumping) on the bed
3. leaning down multiple times to make sure the camera was still recording
4. really getting INTO IT at the refrain (lots of arm pumping)

You can hear me:

1. have no tune whatsoever
2. attempt to hit the high notes
3. flubbing the words, A LOT
4. (baby A) yammering in baby speak, helping Mama sing
5. whistling

Yes, I had an audience.)

This is exactly why my husband drinks:

Ok, ok, so there it is. I'm giving Niki STRICT instructions to sue the ever living shit out of anyone that gets any big ideas about how they are going to tuck this little video away real good and keep it super secret safe until a time comes when they will bring it forth without my knowledge and attempt to embarrass me. Like maybe my funeral, perhaps, because (insert really thick Southern accent here) 'she just loved that Karma song and it made her happy to make people laugh.'


5 tips left at the bar:

K.Lo said...

Ha! I liked it.

penelope said...

I am HIGHLY entertained by the bebopping reflection. You have some balls, taking that dare! (Clearly I'll be taking truth.) That was awesome.

Andi said...

That was incredible! I am crying I am laughing so hard. Tyler was highly concerned about me and it took me a while to get myself back under control. Thank you so much! I've too much emotion and too little sleep this weekend to handle such a wonderful gem, but it made my morning. It totally sounds like something I would do. LOVE IT!!!!! ;)

niki said...

This is glorious! Boy George would be so proud. You've set a high bar, Megs. Hopefully some other bartenders will rise to the challenge ; )

Tempe said...

This is AWESOME. Chris and I plan to sing a "duet" when he returns from a business trip later this week...stay tuned :)