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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Children,

GreeceYou may have noticed when you woke up this morning that Mom and Dad weren’t there. First, don’t worry: Grandma and Grandpa are on the job. Second, we should probably tell you that we’re in another country. Greece. Santorini, Greece, to be exact.*

A mysterious benefactor allocated time and funds for this journey, which we are taking in order to do absolutely nothing for a week, other than soaking up the ridiculously beautiful scenery and drinking copious amount of… juice.

Note: We fully intend to ride a mule up the mountainside, on the way to our fancy-schmancy hotel. We will eat chocolates filled with the local wine, dine on amazing cuisine, gaze out onto the water and partake in the spa. We will soak up all that is the Caldera. But otherwise, we will just be.

Because um, we really need to remember how to do that sometimes. To just be.

Love you to pieces, but pretty glad you’re not here…


*I fully admit that this particular destination-lust came from reading/watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yeah, and I’m 30. Bite me. ;)

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niki said...

A) Greece would be amazing; excellent choice!

B) Don't feel bad about the Traveling Pants; I recently went to the salon and used that movie to explain to my stylist what I wanted done to my hair. I love those books!

Megan said...

Dear Children,

Whilst in Greece, and under the effects of copious amounts of (fermented grape) juice and gorgeous scenery, your father and I have given you new titles: Big Big Sister and Big Brother. How Fun!


(This is what happens, Pen, when you don't take Smartini friends with you!)

Bj in Dallas said...

ok, who owns the travel agency connected to you girls?? I will live vicariously through you for a while...until I meet a rich benefactor that wants to take me to Greece. Hell, I'd settle for San Diego!!!
have fun, post pictures, try not to listen to Megan,,,,,,that might ruin the vibe...

Bj in Dallas said...

Ok, first, I pay alot for my blonde hair...
second, didn't realize yall were on virtual vacay until I read back down and thought
DAYAM, these girls have it going on!! Well you do, but you can't all be international travelistas all at once!!
I'm leaving for Paris Saturday morning, and I'll send you a post card from a little sidewalk cafe...if I'm sober...

Andria said...

Excellent letter and choice. Ya'll deserve it. That spa looks fabulous.
Greece is most definitely on my short list, too, actually. My parents went there and loved it. They did the donkey ride, too. Think it was a little long and hairy/scary at times.

penelope said...


The donkey ride seems all idyllic on TV, but yeah, I bet I'd pee my pants a little.