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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cruisin' Christmas

I'm not sure why this week's special has been so difficult for me, but it's been hard to narrow down my choices to just one. There are obvious places I'd love to go visit again - Italy, California, New York, D.C. or for the first time - Montana, Colorado, Texas, Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Iceland, Caribbean.

But, I think the vacation I've had in my mind for several years now is to take a cruise. Now, I've never been on a cruise and I've definitely heard mixed reviews. I'd want the cruise where everything was paid for and I could eat and drink to my heart's content. And I want to take a cruise at Christmas with all of my family and extended family and even friends and their families. I think it would be nice to have lots of people you know around and have designated times to get together (and maybe exchange gifts or have a meal) but then also it's a big boat, so you could easily get lost from the group and do your own thing - and have ready babysitters with both sets of grandparents on board! The boat would need to have enough entertainment on it as well as some great stops. I think an Alaskan cruise would be divine. I'm not a big cold weather person, but I love the stunning scenery, wildlife and the peaceful serenity. I could use more of that in my life. And the sleeping train tour? Love it, gotta do it!

So, Christmas 2010, who's on board?

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penelope said...

I'd love to take a cruise, someday. Alaska's supposed to be quite beautiful, to which I believe m can attest.

Holy crap, that train looks awesome but scary!

Megan said...

A cruise and a train trip are both things I have never done but would love to! I'M ON BOARD! (Oh man, how I looooove puns!)

niki said...

Megan, you are scaring me! All this punnage makes me think of Mrs. Blomquist and the purple Barney sweatsuit. Please, PLEASE tell me you aren't turning into our 9th grade English teacher!!

PS - I totally am with you Andi; Alaska sounds awesome!