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Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the winner is. . . .

ME! Because I have two new pair of shoes!

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! To everyone who participated in my shoe contest and call to arms. It was SO much fun looking at the shoes you suggested, and I spent a very, very long time on Sunday night perusing the internets looking at your shoes and billions of others (when I should have been preparing for a hellacious week of court).

Despite the fantastic choices submitted by faithful Smartini Bar readers and bartenders, unfortunately I did not select any of the entries. Before you all go throwing rotten tomatoes at me, please be assured that I appreciated and loved everyone's selection. It's just that I'm extremely picky and incredibly indecisive, and well, you just can't ever predict when love will hit you (also, I warned you this might happen).

And well, love sort of struck me from nowhere when I laid eyes on these beauties:

And of course, being fickle that I am, love struck yet again when I saw these lovely lassies:

I will, however, give credit where credit is due. Without the inspiration of krw221 I don't think I ever would've thought, "Hmm. Purple shoes - I can do that!"
So KRW, you are the unofficial "winner" of my contest! CONGRATULATIONS!

I almost bought this pair, except that it was marginally out of my price range, and I don't have enough outfits to pair it with in order to rationalize the purchase. But damn, I've got the hots for this shoe (I don't know why; I mean, it does have a pointy toe, but in a funky, cool sort of way, and the color is to. die. for.)

I feel sort of crappy about not picking a winner from the submissions, especially since I completely did a 180 and didn't choose black or brown, but some crazy red and purple nonsense. For this reason, I would like to send a consolation prize to everyone who entered. Megan, Pen, KRW, I think that means you! Please email me your addresses at
Again, THANK YOU for participating, and I hope you play again next time!

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Megan said...

HELL YEAH for two pairs of shoes! I don't even know how the people of Niki's Courtroom are going to handle such fabulousness!

Andria said...

Those are REALLY KICK ASS shoes. I love your choices. And, I know you are going to totally hate me, because you won't be able to wear them now, but it's gotta be said. GO DAWGS!!!!

The purple is subtle, at least online.

Let us know how they wear once you get them. And how many comments you get on them!

LOVE the blue skin ones, too. They are really hot and funky and TOTALLY you. I think you need to start saving and treat yourself in the near future.

kwr221 said...

I think I'm TOTALLY in love with the plum MIA ones.

Plum. Plum. I think I love that word. And color.

Anyway, yay! for the shoes and Yay! for consolation prizes.

Ain't shoe-love grand?

kwr221 said...

omigosh, the red ones come in chocolate, too! Did you see those? Gorgeous!

penelope said...

Totally rad selections!

kwr221 said...

Yay!!!!! Thank you! my perfect little calendat came today! Now I can daydream about all the perfect shoes I'd love to buy!