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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full of Thanks

Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey day, counting blessings and not carbs! ;)
I'm a week late, but felt it appropriate to share today the list I'd been making, but just never got around to posting last week.

*Midol (we won't mention the migraine I later got that wasted an entire day and then some)
*New laptop and work to do on it!
*Healthy family (not complaining that both of my kids turned into snot factories and coughing machines after adding this to the list, still very healthy in general)
*Diet Cherry Coke
*Supportive, loving family and friends - of the encouraging and understanding variety.
*the lake
*sunshine and cool weather
*a weekend at home
*billable hours (see #2 above)
*helpful and generally polite children
*free places to play and eat
*the Internet
*grandparents that are willing to watch dogs and kids so I can spend 2 hours staring at some steamy abs and mesmerizing eyes on the big screen (even despite hair issues and adjusting to character/actor choices and critiquing the kissing)
*travel size perfume bottle and pump lotion that twists to lock so it doesn't get everywhere
*yummy food and quality time preparing it
*a husband that suggested getting up early and going out on Black Friday to get some shopping done!

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