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Monday, November 30, 2009

Comment Card: It's Monday

Can we say OHIM for Oh Hell It's Monday? Probably so since most of our problems probably do relate to a Him. So OHIM, y'all.

It's Monday, and I'm _______________________.

* eating oatmeal with a fork.
* already behind.
* sleep deprived.
* tired of leftovers.
* moving to Texas in a month.
* going to work out like a mad woman.
* glad my children are back in school.

3 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...


Sheila and I want you to be in OUR CHICK group!! We behave MOST of the time!

DFW area hopefully????

sheilasmithdallas said...

Yes -- we're so ready to finally have a SMARTINI in Texas!!

I'm tired of turkey, and wish I had today off to do all the crap I couldn't do with a houseful of company!

Andria said...

*just getting back into town/home.
*realizing, oops, it might have been my week for a topic?
*catching up on laundry
*sorting through the mail
*getting out Christmas stuff! Starting just with my tree card holder because I have my first 2 Christmas cards, yay! I love getting mail this time of year.
*picking out my own holiday cards
*flipping the calendar, wow, it's December!