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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Twi-Fug Hair Saga

So I went on a date with my boyfriend, Edward, last night, and it was amazing. I mean, he left me for months, sending me into a deep, dark depression, yadda, yadda, and then I had to fly to Italy before he had his head permanently cracked off by a less-than-savory posse of the Italian vampires. But he came back to me eventually, and now we’re happier than ever. In the meantime, while Edward was gone, bonus! I was able to spend some quality time with my best friend Jacob and his abs. It was 108 degrees hot.

I had a *small* issue with the wolf pack’s choice of shorts, like they were a smidge tight, or something? Not quite from this decade. But I won’t quibble. Tight shorts can’t possibly be considered a problem, considering views from both the waist down and the waist up.

My main fashion contention is with Jasper’s hair. Why. That is my only question. Just, why.

Viewers of the sadly short-lived ABC Family show, Beautiful People, will recall that Jackson Rathbone is supposed to look like THIS:


I understand that Jasper is supposed to be blond, and perhaps reminiscent of a certain historical period, i.e. the Civil War. But how is a goofy blond perm okay to put on this man? It just isn’t right. He looks, in a word, ree-diculous. Stylists could have done better. Not only would they have saved Rathbone from looking like Ronald McDonald’s somber vampire cousin, but they would have upped the overall hotness factor for the Twilight franchise. Like that’s even necessary—but still. Two movies left, people. Get Jasper right.

5 tips left at the bar:

mendacious said...

haha. RM's somber vampire cousin. genius.

though you know i cant support the next couple books or your obsession even though you know i sent you the first copy way ahead of the curve. i have only myself to blame.

but yah. funny girl. i may have to agree about the hair issue though greasy and lanky over the eyes doesn't thrill me either. ;)

pen said...

It really is sort of your fault, the obsession. Except without the sort of.


tempe said...

Yes, Mr. Rathbone's hair needs some de-frizzer, I agree; however, I'm too busy looking at Taylor Lautner's picture and feeling vaguely like a dirty old woman.

Whew, he's hot.

niki said...

Was this post about something other than Jacob and his abs? Because I didn't get past that part. :)

*whispers* I kind of like Jasper's crazy hair.

pen said...

Really, Niki? on the hair? It must be just me then. I agree it's a small part of contention. But I was "wigged out" on the first movie, and this time around was even worse...? De-frizzing is definitely in order.

TL is beyond hot, it's killing me. *shivers*