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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

taylor fugsen

Once upon a time, Taylor Momsen was cute. Pretty, even. Little J had great hair and awesome style.

Now, I seriously feel like Ms. Momsen is morphing into a bleached-blonde, overdone cross between Lady GaGa (not a good thing) and Courtney Love (def. not a good thing).

Case in point - here's before. So cute, even with the headband a la Blair Waldorf:

And now, here's her impression of a too-skinny Lady Gaga/Mrs. Curt Cobain:

Honey, your hair is too blond, and it's dark outside, so sunglasses (esp those) really aren't needed. And eat something, please. You're beginning to look like a bobblehead.

I'd like the old Little J back, please...

4 tips left at the bar:

Anonymous said...

First off, these are old pictures. Both of them.
I'll admit there for about 5-6 months she wasn't looking her best. I blame the bangs. She should never never wear bangs.
But regardless, Taylor looks great again.
Second, she eats plenty.
Theres many pics of her eating meals and snacking on the GG set.
And last, I don't think Taylor could ever be ugly, no matter what she did to herself.

niki said...

Hot. Mess.

pen said...

I miss the fresh, kind of carefree version of Taylor as well.

pen said...

And thinking about it some more, these pictures can't be that old. Super-recent pics show issues with makeup, if not weight. Maybe it's a phase. Isn't she...16? I worry.