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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Comment Cards #4 Let Fly

Please complete the following sentence with your unfiltered words of wisdom:

If I could, I would just love to say __________________________.

May I?

* shut. the. hell. up.
* monkeys could do this, why can't you?
* I'm taking the day off
* I'll take it
* your kid needs to see #2

7 tips left at the bar:

Cakelet said...

do you feel it too?

Bj in Dallas said...

I'm officially divorced
I've just won the lottery
You can contact me in Mexico

~sarah said...

- at what point in your life did you give up on treating other human beings with common courtesy. (or maybe just, "shut.the.hell.up. : )

- why yes, i will take that promotion and ginormous raise

- i'm going world-traveling, see you in a few months!

- i have a huge crush on you

Tempe said...

* You are unhappy because you choose to be.

* I'm taking a "mental health day" off from work today.

* You have absolutely no manners and your mother should be ashamed of you (this is aimed at adults, sadly).

* Bite me.

niki said...

- F*&K the F*&K off.

- I'm moving to Australia.

- Hello, my name is Mrs. Rafael Nadal.

pen said...

*I jet-set. I'm a jet-setter. (Meaning, I actually have money for travel.)
*I actually used my college degree(s).
*Not much going on up in that noggin, is there.

Sheila said...

*do you have a magic mirror that told you that was a good outfit?
*why yes, we would love to join you on a month-long trip, all expenses paid
*i'm taking a mental health day, just like Tempe