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Friday, November 6, 2009

Comment Cards #5

Please complete the following sentence with your anticipatory words of wisdom:

I'm so glad it's Friday because I'm going to _________________________.

Shall I?

* get the hell outta here
* have a drink OR TWELVE
* celebrate my baby girl turning 2!
* finally catch up on all of the stuff I didn't do this week
* knock off work early

5 tips left at the bar:

Sheila said...

*play on the internet all day
*not feel guilty about it

Cakelet said...

Play hockey! Woot!

Bj in Dallas said...

Friday, Tuesday, doesn't matter when you are UNEMPLOYED!
-but my working friends are in a good mood

~sarah said...

- go to a film lab client lunch (aka free drinks)
- eat so much there i don't have to worry about eating dinner
- practice guitar and go to bed early while i'm still feeling good from my acupuncture treatment yesterday

pen said...

*Let the kids watch movies all afternoon, until Daddy gets home.
*Catch up on TV tonight.
*Drink something delicious.