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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Comment Cards #2 Why oh why?

Please complete the following sentence with the wisdom that can only come from experience:

Why in the hell did I ___________________________ ?

Allow me:

* eat the whole damn thing?
* say Yes?
* push snooze 17 times?
* think that this was a good idea?
* spend all of my money?
* have that last drink?

10 tips left at the bar:

Tempe said...

* even THINK that Georgia might win again Florida?!

* procrastinate away my entire morning?

* agree to be on that charity gala committee again? (Oh yeah, because I can't say no.)

* Buy that pair of pants and take the tag off before making up my mind about them?

Bj in Dallas said...

thats ok Tempe, I was pulling for your Bulldogs. I hate Florida.

why oh why did I put all my eggs in one basket for a job? that turns out not to be available until January?

why oh why do my bills continue to come even though these people know I am unemployed?

why oh why does the sled team eat so much friggin food?

Sheila said...

*eat those 6 (yes 6!) pieces of Halloween candy for breakfast?

pen said...

*try to clean my ears with Q-tips.
*not take more time choosing my new phone/plan, when I'm stuck with it for the next 2 years.
*clean the fish tank sooner.
*pick out K.Lo's outfit for school picture day the night before.
*pick a book to read about a brutal rape.
*not plan (again) what to make for dinner.

pen said...

P.S. I really like Sheila's, and highly approve. Except I need to add:
*buy those cupcakes with orange icing and bat sprinkles, knowing full well I'd be the only one eating them.

~sarah said...

- not get his license and insurance information?
- go back for 4ths?
- stay up until 12:30am when i had to get up to go running the next morning at 6:15? (see #2)
- BJ's #2 except change January to now "TBD"
- not get crushed under the pick-up truck? (see my #1) This is a GOOD one! I'm happy I can ask that question!

almost anonymous said...

- not become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or otherwise pursue a "normal" occupation?
- fritter away the whole day instead of at least being productive on my own projects?
- let my brain go there when I know I just end up stewing about it?

Andria said...

*stay up until 3:00. again.
*like aa: go into a more sustainable and stable career field?
*let the piles pile back up?

Andria said...

*have to go to bed (when I finally did attempt it at 3:00) cursing ass leakage? (dog's)

Anonymous said...

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