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Friday, October 2, 2009

Making [hard] Lemonade

*A year ago tomorrow I was called into my boss’ office and let go due to financial times after 7 years. The only job I knew, straight from college. Insurance gone. Income gone. But, we’ve managed and it’s been one of the best years spending time with my kids and getting to do a lot of fun things together.

*In April, the tree fell and knocked off 3 stories of decking. But, the house was saved, no one was hurt and the reworked deck and patio and driveway extension are just awesome.

*Last Monday, we had torrential rains again after 10 days worth of heavy 10+ inches of rain and while the creek in our backyard flooded and rushed over it’s banks, I was thankful we lived up on a hill. Except, we live in the middle of a hill, so water was still coming down from up above us, collecting at the house and apparently the ground was too saturated to handle it, so the basement leaked and seeped through the carpet in the closet (containing a LOT of junk) and out into the finished room. But, we managed to get things out before they were ruined and pulled up half of the carpet and got things dried out. We weren’t in love with the carpet and had gotten some tile on a big sale years ago. It’s just a matter of time and clamshells to really replace everything.

*Last Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat. But, I had a doctor’s appointment already scheduled that morning to follow up on some medicine and the kids set up for day care for a couple of hours. I tested positive for Strep throat?! But, caught it early enough that it didn’t get horrible with unbearable pain. And thankfully, I think I was spared passing it on to my family.

*Monday both of my kids got sick and threw up. One in the car seat on the ride home. ick. But, thankfully, it was short-lived and by Tuesday, we were much improved and Hubby and I managed to escape the same fate. This time. We seem to be getting this gunk every couple of weeks since July! So, please, Universe, we’ve had our share of Winter time bugs during the SUMMER, ok? We don’t need another round this Winter.

*There are plenty of trivial things that add up at times to overwhelm me, but overall, I’m really trying to stay positive and thankful for what we do have. I am trying, but I’m sure many friends think much of these woes seems like a broken record that I keep repeating. Stay positive. Thankful. Even if I did start getting a sore throat again last night and took the last of my antibiotic this morning. It’s enough to make me want to scream. Except my throat hurts.

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pen said...

Such a good letter. Hooray for silver linings! Seems like there has always been one, no matter how shit the situation.

I'm loving that we're all settled on using the word "clamshells."

Heather said...

just an fyi - vomiting can be a symptom of strep throat - not sure jhow old your kids are but sometimes kids can't verbalize that their throat hurts - food for thought