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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clammin' Up

(I'd appreciate it if y'all would not take notice of how late I am showing up. Thank you.)

So I have these $500 clamshells, see? And it doesn't take me very long to spend, spend, spend!

First things first: the de-masculinization of a cat that recently adopted our family

Second thing: the feeding and immunization of a dog that recently adopted our family (I kid you not - two strays within a matter of weeks)

Third thing: Shoes. And cute, cheap jewelry.

Fourth: A NEW COACH PURSE. Yes! Suave

And finally, with whatever is left after the first four: Suave Clinical Strength deodorant for everyone! It works like a dream (since I have professed my need for a deo that can than get the job done) and is only $4.99! Yippee!

3 tips left at the bar:

niki said...

Thanks for making sure we don't stink up the bar, Megs! But I swear, that's NOT me wearing the patchouli.

pen said...

Would now be a good time to confess that I no longer use hippie deodorant? I couldn't take it anymore. The summer broke me.

Cakelet said...

I just got a new Coach purse, too! Woot! It's black. Looks like a backpack. Is neither stylish nor particularly attractive -- but is very well built. So in those respects, it kind of matches me. :-) And THEN -- I said "What the hell!" and went on ahead and bought a wallet to match. It's brown, so it doesn't officially match. But the inside? The inside is the color of coral. Pinkish orangish. Like the inside of a conch shell. I could just stare at it and stare at it, all the livelong day.
Oh -- and the deodorant? Yup. Whatever it takes. (and I still have my hippie deodorant, too, pen. It's a crystal. Not effective. But kind of cool...)