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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Step 1

I admit, I’m a little addicted to TV. I love good shows; the ones that make me emote!

Returning shows I watch:

House – such an awesome show. After the crazy finale, it’s really going to be different this season!

America’s Next Top Model – it just makes me happy.

Project Runway – I resisted for a long time. I am in no way fashionable, but I was sucked right into this show and love it! I clearly have a thing for these reality talent competition shows!!

Smallville – I have watched since the very beginning (hard to believe it’s been 8 seasons!) and there is just something about the show that I still really like and look forward to seeing. Oh yeah, it’s probably Tom Welling. No, but really, I just enjoy the show.

Fringe – It’s definitely out there, and close to my scary threshold, but I really like it. Gotta love Joshua Jackson!

The Office – I like it, but not as much as some people I know. ;)

Gossip Girl – still love getting my Veronica Mars fix and who doesn’t like to watch beautiful people act spoiled and rich, right?

Grey’s Anatomy – really gets my blood going sometimes or makes me cry, but keeps me coming back. Again, I’m not as into it as some people I know, but it’s good.

90210 – not really attached to it, but still watch it.

Desperate Housewives – again, it’s just been one I’ve kept up with, but I don’t really anticipate it much.

Brothers & Sisters – I like this show because it has characters that remind me of my own family and a good cast and it’s just good.

So You Think You Can Dance – excited to see more talent, but worry what will I watch next summer?

Castle – I caught a few episodes near the end of last season and I was hooked. I wish I could see the pilot to get the full scoop, but it was definitely entertaining and ranks high on my list of must see tv. In fact, I couldn’t decide on just one clip to include!


Design Star – I missed a lot of episodes this season, which I’m bummed about, but interested to see what comes from the winner (don’t want to give anything away, just in case).

Color Splash – still love David Bromstead the original Design Star.

The Amazing Race

Top Design – not sure if it will even come on again, but I enjoyed it when it did – again with the talent competitions.

New Stuff I’m giving a go:

Glee – Watched 2 episodes so far. I’m not sure I get all of the hype yet. It felt a little slow for me and I love good voices and singing, so the voiceover and lip synching stuff really annoys me. The soundtrack is good and there are moments. . .

Vampire Diaries – I was really worried after seeing some previews that this would be beyond my threshold for scary, but I was still able to get to sleep afterwards! And that’s saying something, I don’t fall asleep easily normally. I just finished reading the Twilight series and have really been wanting to see the movies, so it definitely sated some of that desire, but it’s also definitely different and looks interesting. The Alyssa Milano look alike is intriguing and I’m already having a hard time believing they are supposed to be in high school and we’re just in the first season! And um, the bad brother is HOT. Or at least the first shot of him was extremely hot and after that he looked a little old and very creepy (in a devilish way, not sleazy), but he’s got a definite European band flair working for him.

I’ve set to record Community, so we shall see.

I’m kind of intrigued by Ashton Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life, I may record and give it a shot.

Gone stuff I’m still lamenting:

I am really sad I don’t have ER to watch anymore – I feel empty inside - and still can’t believe Life was cancelled. And not picked up. That is just wrong. It’s even worse than cancelling My So Called Life when it was such a great show, because this one really was great.

So, does anyone know, are Dirt and Privileged gone?

5 tips left at the bar:

tempe said...

Privileged is gone, sadly, but not sure about Dirt. I feel the same feeling of mourning of My Name is Earl and Life. I loved, loved, loved Life - and there were so many things left unanswered!

Since I just finished the first Twilight book and movie, I think I may need to try out True Blood or Vampire Diaries. Or both :)

penelope said...

I still haven't watched Vampire Diaries yet, but I hope it's good! Boone from Lost and Mia(?) from Degrassi are on there.

I need to know if Rules of Engagement is canceled, because I couldn't find it in my EW. Maybe it won't be on until the winter?

niki said...

I feel the same about Glee. I watched the pilot, didn't get the hype. We'll see. Jury still out on that one, probably will depend on how much time I have.

Could probably get talked into watching Vampire Diaries for hot boys I'm now too old to really lust after but do anyway : ) (a la Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley)

Andria said...

I don't have HBO so True Blood wasn't an option for me, or I might have given it a try, too.

Andria said...

Thanks, Tempe, I kind of figured as much when Privileged Megan showed up in Gossip Girl last week.