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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back on the Wagon

The truth is that until this Weekly Special, I had completely forgotten about Fall TV. It has been so long since I watched primetime tv (you know, May), that I Googled "tv listings" in order to find out what I might watch tonight. Totally forgot what shows come on which nights. It's not that I don't watch tv, but this summer I've somehow passed the time without missing its presence.

To be honest, since I don't have DVR, tv feels constraining sometimes, trying to get stuff done by X time and rushing around. It gets stressful! (Just imagine if I had cable) So summertime is always a nice break for me. Of course, now that summer is over, and I will undoubtedly fall into dark depression due to colder temperatures and less tennis/Rafa watching, it's good to know tv will be there to make life worth living.

The other girls have mentioned some of my staples:
Grey's Anatomy

Friday Night Lights

Gossip Girl

College football - preferably UF

Some I don't think have been said:
Lost (think it prob starts in Jan? no idea)

Mad Men (already started on AMC but saving up iTunes eps so I can watch back-to-back)

Private Practice - WTF happened??? Can't wait to find out!

I generally don't watch new shows unless multiple people recommend them and/or they generate critical buzz, so everyone keep me posted if I'm totally missing out!

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tempe said...

Oh man, I forgot about Private Practice - what a nail biter of an ending last season!

And I can't believe I didn't include college football. That's basically what I'll be doing every Saturday from now until the first week of December...