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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot or Not?

This question has been seriously bothering me for quite some time now. No. I'm not kidding.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio still hot?

Back in the days of Romeo & Juliet and Titantic, he was the IT boy of Hollywood. Then it made me love him even more when he shunned all of that and sort of went into hiding, sunk his teeth into deeper, more serious roles. Remember how he even skipped the Academy Awards the year of Titanic? So cool.

But these days, well, I'm not sure he's aged as well as some others. When I saw these pictures on dlisted, it really began to seem like eh, maybe he's just not hot anymore. Shame.

Just when I thought I had it figured out, that maybe he wasn't photogenically hot but still charismatically hot, these pics come out. Leo is sporting a UF hat. That's enough for me (and I wonder, did he read my mind? Did he know I was contemplating this issue??). My verdict: Leo still a hottie.

(Ok, if I'm being honest, he's not really hot in these pictures, like AT ALL. Something about his personality that I like, though. He's all eco-Leo, he's older than me but still has a good time, he's not afraid to party with the regular peeps.)

While we're at it, what about Brad Pitt? Same question. I have no answer, especially after watching that monstrosity that was Benjamin Button.

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penelope said...

I loved Leo back in the days of Growing Pains. Remember homeless Luke? I just wanted to hug him.

Thought he was hot thereafter, but sort of not, post-Titanic? Kind of doubted his acting abilities for a little while? But then, when I was reading about the movie Revolutionary Road (which I still haven't seen), I saw that he is still BFF with Kate Winslet, and I thought that was really pretty hot. I don't know why. So currently: hot.

For the record, I've always thought Brad Pitt looked like a hairy monkey in the zoo. For well over a decade now. Not hot.

Andria said...

I still think Leo is hot. There have been some rough pictures/phases definitely, but I liked these pictures on dlisted. He is older, but still seems to be having fun, in a harmless, casual sort of way.
I've always thought BP was hot, but again, there have been some rough moments. I haven't seen much recently to judge, but I'd probably still fall on the Hot side.
Excellent pondering!

sheila said...

Leo never did it for me, but I get the attraction.

As for Brad -- if he'd lose that 'stache he might be attractive again. but with it, he just looks like that creepy teacher we all had in junior high...

penelope said...

Creepy junior high teacher, hee.
I DID, however, enjoy him as Tyler Durden, I should mention. Pretty bad-ass.

niki said...

I think I'm with you, Sheila. BP needs to lose the goatee. And homeless Luke was a-DORE-able.

Ruby said...

I'm with Sheila too, on both counts. Leo I'm meh about, but BP still has the potential to be absolutely hot. Mmmm... A River Runs Through It and Ocean's Eleven? YUM.

Karen said...

I actually enjoyed Benjamin Button!

As for Leo, I have never found him attractive. He's kind of androgynous to me. I guess I prefer men who look like, well, men. Leave me in a room with Gerard Butler and he has NO HOPE of leaving with his pants intact. To quote Ruby, "Just sayin'!"