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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I heard a semi-interesting piece on NPR a few weeks ago about this article on what I will refer to as the "commodification of the gay male." The author's thesis, if I remember it correctly, was that yes, it's great that gays are getting more exposure and acceptance in mainstream media. However, he didn't like how they were portrayed as sort of the next "accessory" for straight women to have, and how they seemed to be defined solely as they related to straight women - think Sanford from SATC.

Well, he probably had a point, but whatever. That's not what I'm here for. (And frankly I'm too tired to get into it right now.) Who's your favorite "Hollywood" gay? Who would you love to have as your gay best friend?

I choose Anderson Cooper. I don't know why, but I f-ing love him. He's super duper smart-sexy. You could learn so much from him and have awesome conversations about politics, the world, etc. But you *know* he loves some vodka-cranberries and after 2 or 3 or 4 he gets a little girlie and starts talking about asses, abs, blow jobs, and Madonna.

Plus, he's a Channel One alumnus. Awesome.

5 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

I love him too, but did not know he got loose lipped after a few cocktails. Don't we all??

I would like that British guy thats not really gay but played one with Julia Roberts in my Best Friends Wedding? Him. He would be fabulouso to go shopping and out to lunch with.

Ross the Intern! said...

BJ- that's Rupert Everett. He is one cutie, but I don't think I would trust him as far as I could spit. He is writing a tell-all that includes sharing some TMI about Madonna. Not cool.
So, shop with him if you must, but don't tell him anything! :)

Myself, I love that crazy guy "Ross the Intern." LOVE him. I'm not sure how much of his voice I could put up with, but I would try! (Bonus to the link: all those alpha males! Click my "name" to see Ross.)

niki said...

BJ I don't want to start rumors - the loose lips after cocktails is pure speculation! But yes, "don't we all?" :)

Ruby said...

A couple of things: How did I not know that AC was gay?! I love, love, love his hair. For real. Also, I'm not sure who may favorite would be, but the link that Karen put up of Ross the Intern is AWESOME. Thanks, Karen!

penelope said...

Ooo. I like this question. I love Christian Siriano from ProRun. Although I'm quite sure he would have a problem with my Old Navy wardrobe, but maybe he could dress me.

More famously, Neil Patrick Harris, who is amazing in too many ways to count. And also TR Knight.