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Friday, September 4, 2009

Hometown Hotness

Other than your significant other, who is the cutest/hottest/best looking guy you've seen in real life recently?  Checkout boy at your grocery store? UPS guy? Your boss? Have you two ever had an innocent flirtatious moment where you knew he thought you were hot, too?

I know most of ya'll are married, so feel free to comment anonymously.

As for me, there is this super cute neighbor who lives a few blocks away. Tall-ish, dark hair, nicely tanned. He's married, has beautiful children and gorgeous wife. The other night I was walking my dog and saw him through the window ironing. IRONING. Hotness increased exponentially because he is clearly the perfect husband.  See, I can be domestic.

We've only ever exchanged waves as I walk by with my dog looking like ass early in the morning, so no. No flirtatious moments.

4 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

It was an old neighbor that would mow his front yard without his shirt and I would always suddenly have many projects sitting at the kitchen table.

oh, and theres Frank who owns the Texaco. Oh yeah.

Bj in Dallas said...

Niki is doing all the work over here...

ps Ruby- sorry your Bulldogs went down to Okla State!! (not really)

Andria said...

Good call, BJ, Nik is doing lots of the heavy lifting here at the bar of late -- AND she was even out of town when she posted! Forethought! Very impressive on her part.

I didn't really have an answer for this question, sadly. I don't get out much. But, then I went out with some friends after our kickboxing class last night and the waiter guy was very cute. And very possessive of serving us. He started talking to us from outside while we were walking up (no one else in my group even noticed) and refused anyone else that came up to seat us or serve us - like it wasn't even his job, but he wanted to. We were all hot and sweaty and one 40 weeks+ pregnant, so the appeal is amusing to me! It was trivia night and "we" were quite obnoxious, but entertaining at the same time, I think.

penelope said...

I was truly stumped by this question. Sadness.