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Friday, June 26, 2009

WTFriday: This is insane

Here's one thing I did not miss one iota while in Kansas: KUDZU (cud-zoo, for the uninitiated).

This vine grows like the devil, because I'm pretty sure it came from the devil, and it will take over anything that doesn't move for more than, oh, two minutes. It's all over the place in the south, and it's really pretty sad to see so many fences, old cars and slow moving children covered in it. One thing that I have never, ever seen, however, is a HOUSE covered in kudzu.

I solemnly swear there is a house underneath this madness and that I am not on hallucinogenic drugs. Swear.

(Be sure to notice the high quality as-I-drive shots... Nothing but the best photographic evidence for this blog!)

I'm thinking that this would make one HELL of a haunted house come Halloween... Yes?

4 tips left at the bar:

pen said...

Totally insane!

Bj in Dallas said...

we should write a short story about the family that lives in there......spooky

does anything kill that stuff?

Cakelet said...

Okay, for real. You're making me giggle, because there isn't really a house under there, right? I can't tell by the way you wrote it, and I certainly can't tell by the pictures. Okay --are you just playing? Or are you for real? Are you teasing? Tell me the truth. Because I hate teasing teasers who tease. And I really do believe there's a house under there. And if you're teasing me, I'm going to get you.

Ruby said...

Cakes, there is absolutely a house under there! I first saw it in the winter when the leaves were off and meant to take a picture of it then, knowing what it would come to be!