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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


If I found myself in such a predicament of having this body I had to get rid of, I would call:

My Hubby – he’s level-headed, intelligent and supportive (even if he might disapprove or have a few choice words about the situation). And could take it to his grave without ever telling another person.

He comes from good stock, so I’d also reach out to his parents. They are the type to take care of their own – his mother is very much a mother hen and would do whatever it takes to protect her chicks. And they aren’t afraid to get dirty.

And he must have a good judge of character, because I wouldn’t hesitate to call Hubby’s best friend (our long-time friend) because he’s of the same upbringing of doing what it takes to help out a friend (usually just in return for a handle of Crown, but perhaps this favor would require two) and can keep it to himself.

My Littlest Brother –The Black Sheep of the family. As such, he has had his share of run-ins with the law, so can’t judge. Also, he probably knows someone who knows how to do it properly. I’m just saying, he runs in that kind of circle. Well, maybe not quite that kind of circle, but all of those circles are kind of intertwined, right?

I’m not sure I would call Niki, because she’s got a duty and taken an oath, right? And I wouldn’t want to put her in that situation. Or is the oath of “do no harm” a medical thing and the duty to uphold the law is if you are an officer of the law? And maybe it only counts in the state where she practices, so since she’s all the way up in NC and I’m down here in GA, we might not have a problem after all? Or, at the very least I could call her with some hypothetical questions about “my friend” that finds herself in this predicament and I’m sure she’d help me out.

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Ruby said...

Aaah! I love your reasons for calling the first four people! You sound like the Sopranos! :) Your brother, however, would just be a wise move all the way around...

I don't think Nik has to turn people in, so maybe she could just be doing 'consultative' work for each of us? All I'm saying is that I'd hate to be the one she offs because NO ONE would ever find the body.