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Monday, May 11, 2009

Reading is Sexy

This week, us Smartini gals will be attempting to reclaim our bartending mojo by a) showing up to work and b) answering the question What are you reading? With the answer not necessarily limited to books.

aboutaboy I’m reading: About a Boy. There are a few movies based on novels by Nick Hornby, among them Fever Pitch, High Fidelity, and About a Boy. I love each of them enough to own and watch repeatedly, and have been wanting to read an actual Hornby book forever. The mood from something quirky-funny, male-narrated, and British finally struck, and I’m not a bit sorry. The book follows the movie pretty darn closely, and so it is kind of like curling up with Hugh Grant the movie at night, except in a slightly different, more in-depth way. Love it. Can’t say enough good things about it. Two thumbs up.

5 tips left at the bar:

niki said...

Love, love, love anything by Nick Hornby. Nice choice! I've got a few others if you want to borrow them :)

penelope said...

Sweet! I've got High Fidelity waiting in the wings. What else ya got?

niki said...

Also have A Long Way Down (one of my faves), How to be Good (solid), and Fever Pitch (non-fiction about his love for soccer, which I haven't finished but I liked when I read it). High Fidelity is also super, better than the movie dare I say (well, maybe).

penelope said...

Wait... the book version of Fever Pitch is about soccer, not baseball? And is n-f? Weird!

I'll loan you About a Boy, too.

niki said...

Yep (for us Americans). I'm pretty sure the movie is *very* loosely based on the book. I haven't seen the movie, but from the previews + as much of the book as I read, doesn't seem like they had anything in common.

I don't think I've read About a Boy, but that movie rules, and I'll definitely need a pick-me-up after PN.