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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book It!

Ever since it arrived in the mail about a week ago, I have been obsessed with Prozac Nation.  Can't explain it, as she mostly just whines the entire book, but damn it if I'm not hooked.  I think about it constantly, I stay up too late reading it, and I watch the clock during my TV shows waiting for them to be over so I can read (I know I could not watch, but that's my logic).

Maybe it's because I've got a bit of the doldrums myself and this book makes me feel not quite so crazy? Maybe I'm just a sick weirdo who relishes another's mental health misfortune? Or maybe, just maybe, this book is just good, and you should read it, too, especially if you or someone you love has suffered from or struggles with depression.

Other things I read today that are not quite so heavy:
* My Twitter feed
* NYTimes online
* copious amounts of tennis news
* Recipes for curried lentils

Unrelated to reading:
* Sarah, I sometimes have the same problem. I like lagers a lot; maybe stouts and porters are more your style? At one point I got into vodka tonics because somehow I thought they contained the least calories; vodka cranberry is also v. good.  Also, I used to love love Malibu Rum and Sprite; I think the only reason I quit drinking it was it seemed to not get me drunk. (I know. Terrible.)

*Andi, I have an uncountable number of shoes. Seriously. There's a bunch in a bag in my closet that I never unpacked when I moved...almost 2 years ago. Also, I have more flip-flops than anyone should ever need.  I actively wear somewhere between 15-20 pairs of my shoes, but that's mostly because of my job.

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penelope said...

Awesome! I'll read PN soon, it's been on my shelf for maybe 2 years now.

Um. Is it weird that I was also looking at recipes for curried lentils today? I tell no lies. I have never made them before, and finally bought some today. Mind meld!

niki said...

Great minds! My lentils are simmering and almost ready to eat. Red lentils cook way faster than the other kind (green? brown? whatevs). I ended up making up a recipe, and I think I was successful this time!

penelope said...

The Daily Green had some interesting recipes. I don't think our store had red lentils, though. Lame.