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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to Dead Animalville

We loved our cabin, it rocked. From the hot tub, which I’m sure would have been great if used properly, i.e. not for two hours, to the rock wall, to the ginormous amount of space in and out, there wasn’t much to complain about. Except for the dead animals all over the walls. We understand it was a cabin, and that’s your standard cabin fare, decoratively speaking. But… really? It was just so not our bag, collectively. I regret I never took pictures of the Fish Room, which scared me straight up into the loft (mercifully dead animal-free), but here is a sampling just from the living room.

Let’s have a naming contest for these poor creatures: go!

 P1020824 P1020825 P1020826

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Bj in Dallas said...

Next time, take sunglasses and men's ties from Goodwill and 'decorate' them and they go away- sort of. I worked with a guy that hung a bunch of deer heads in his office so I decorated them so many times he took them down and took them home. And they look funny.

mendacious said...

oh man!
thats crazy.

you should have put little RIP: here lies....

and made up a story for each one.

niki said...

BJ that idea is hilarious!

The goose is Gilbert; he told me on Saturday. :)

Naming, I'm okay with, but I think if we had made up a story for each one, I probably would've cried. I'm so not joking that it's pathetic.

niki said...

Also - I'm so glad you didn't post the duck in his death dive. That disturbed me so much I decided to forgo the master bedroom in favor of the fish room (which oddly didn't bother me because they just looked fake).

sheila said...

I think that there is something inherently wrong with stuffing & hanging something that you have already SHOT. I mean, isn't that all a bit twisted?

Unless you are in a bar, and there is a giant moose head. Usually decorated with Mardi Gras beads or underwear. For some reason, that one doesn't bother me. I know. I'm weird.