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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Judging by the overflowing trash bins, my neighbors drink a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper. (Aren't I the real super sleuth?!)

Every night when she gets home, she blows the horn to signal, I'm guessing, "get your butt out here and help me unload the kids!" at least that's the kind of horn blowing used. It's not a quick beep-beep, but an incessant HONK! Honkhonkhonkhonk in rapid succession. Impatient. Not polite. At least that's my interpretation. Funny how you can interpret horn honking. (I know her to be a very sweet person, I'm just not sure how her interactions with her husband are, you know? It seems more demanding in my opinion than a simple request for help. My mom always honked the horn quickly when she got home with groceries to signal to all the kids to come out and help unload. But, it was still just an alert, not a threat.)
My other neighbor works from home. And he's observant working in his office that has a window facing the street. He noticed and commented one time when I drove home with a spare. Maybe men notice cars more anyway, but I'm just not sure that's something I'd look up and notice when someone pulled into their driveway next door. He'd make a good PI - in fact, maybe he really is and the insurance gig is just his cover. hmm. In ways makes you feel secure he's watching, would notice something out of the ordinary and others. . .creepy?

He brings his dog outside to go to the bathroom a couple of times a day. Sometimes, he will bring a golf club and ball to chip around the yard while he waits.

He goes for a walk/run some days. But will just go in jeans or whatever he's wearing, no effort to change or really work out. (He's super tall and thin and I know is a member of the new gym as well, so I'm not saying he needs to - moving is great, I just think it's a little odd to jog in jeans.)
There's another neighbor with bent blinds in the upstairs window (obviously, the boys bedroom), unfinished siding on one end of the house and other "projects" that don't quite get done.

And one house in particular that rarely had any signs of life, other than the cats that prowled and lingered around. The newspapers were always mush and plentiful in the driveway, the house just seemed untended to and there was this odd cardboard Santa Claus stuck in the front window, that was clearly aged and faded. It was hard to make out what it was, but some say it was a Coca-cola sign. They said the woman just worked a lot. It was recently renovated and sold and seems much more lively with children and dogs again.
Holiday edition:
One house had lights set to music, which was kind of cool since I didn't live nearby and had to watch the lights spazz out all night.

Another house had large ornaments and snowflakes hanging in the trees outside in the yard! It was very whimsical.

One house is ablaze with lights all around the house like it's a Sesame Street Gingerbread house with every shape - rectangles, triangles, lines around the windows and doors and roof lines - outlined in lights. It's cute. But bright at night and just happens to be right at my window when I lay down. I'm just saying. And they stay up as late as me some nights.

One house had dog bones tied around the mailbox and I wondered if they were for the taking? I know the man to be a animal lover and had worked at a vet and grooming place, so was this just a sign of his appreciation or was it an offering to other dog walkers as they walked their dogs around the neighborhood to give them a treat? Wouldn't you put up a note like, "take one" or "woof, woof" or something to clue people in so they wouldn't be tempted to steal your holiday decorations? Or is it just me that would consider it?

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Sheila said...

Welcome back Smartini Girls -- missed you all through the holidays! I am digging this voyueristic special this week. I am a bit of the nosy neighbor myself, and I like the idea of trying to figure out my neghbors thinking. One day, when I am old & gray, I envision being that woman in her housecoat always peeking through the lace curtains...and the first one talking to the cops in the event something untoward goes on!

penelope said...

Awesome post! Horn honks absolutely can be interpreted, somehow. How funny.

Also, running in jeans? Wha?

Bj in Dallas said...

After more than five years looking out my front window, I finally met the family that I had always called 'the deck people'. They laughed and said they called me 'the kitchen lady'.. You can really OVERTHINK some of the stuff about your neighbors if you don't actually know them...good and bad...!

Megan said...

How interesting, all of the things you can tell about someone or their family just by paying a little attention! I really think the honking lady doesn't like her husband and is ticked off every time she comes home? Or maybe he's just hard of hearing?

And definitely very cool about the lights to music, but I too would be very glad that I didn't live nearby!