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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waa Waa Waa

Do y’all believe in the events of New Year’s Eve foretelling the flavor of your year to come? I always feel a bit superstitious about it, nervous for nothing bad to happen. This year, we had a pretty low-key New Year’s, once again, as happens amongst Homebodies with Small Children, and overall I have few complaints. But right around 6PM that evening, three things broke in rapid succession: my husband’s watch, which he just had repaired for the second time in two months; the DVD/VCR in my daughter’s room; and… dare I speak it. The Wii. Right in the middle of a race. Like, imagine you were talking to someone, and right in the middle of a sentence, they fainted. That is what happened to our Wii. And it has yet to recover. I should mention the Wii is only 4 months old. It now will boot up, but won’t read any discs. We’ve reset, rebooted, unplugged, replugged, cleaned the laser, and shook our fists. Wept bitterly. And… nothing.

Now what? Does the Wii go on vacation to the Wii Spa, for a Wii-juvenation?

Sorry. Could not resist. But seriously, I need my fix of high speeds and falling off cliffs!

I do hope 2009 isn’t the Year of Breaking Things.

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Andria said...

I have that same strange thought process that whatever happens on New Year's Day is foreshadowing.
My brother's Wii got struck by lightning and fried not long after he got it. I'll have to ask what he did - I think he did have to send some part in somewhere and get a replacement.

~sarah said...

i had no idea you even had a wii. clearly i need to visit "the 3rd blog" more often. if what you say about foreshadowing is true... hmmmm. i see good and complicated things in my future and also things that could end up being quite frustrating. but never a dull moment! interesting to ponder.

penelope said...

Yes, you should definitely come by the bar more often!

One of these New Year's I need to do something exciting, just to see how it affects the rest of the year. Not saying home isn't fun and nice, just something more adventurous...

Megan said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine the emotional toil that y'all have gone through... Please tell me that it's fixed now? Yes?

Now I'm trying to remember what I did on NYE, beyond falling asleep on the couch, that is. I FINALLY found a house for us to live in: wonder what that says about the year?