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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Too Sexy For My. . .Asparagus?

As you may have heard, PETA's Super Bowl ad has been pulled by NBC for being too risque. The natural conclusion to which you may have jumped is that it contains disturbingly graphic images of puppy mills that should not be aired during something so humane as the NFL Championship.  That conclusion, it seems, is incorrect.

Behold, PETA's NSFSB commercial: (NSFW? I have no idea, pretty much everything flies at my job.)

Readers, what's your take?

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Megan said...

I think the commercial is hilarious, and since I am not known as a PETA lover, that's saying something!

Surely they didn't think it would air and were just out for the stir?

Jeff said...

some day we'll get the "Jesus is Sexy" ad campaign. new rule: sex can't sell EVERYTHING.

if you think about it, isn't it funny how sexuality
can be used to legally sell anything...except for sex?

for the record, i'm pro-veggie and anti-prostitution. i just think this sort of thing is goofy.

ashley said...

Here's the thing - PETA wants to get pulled. That way they accomplish all goals:

1) They don't have to pay a gajillion dollars for a Super Bowl spot

2) They create controversy.

3) They get more views on the web than they'd get with the millions of sets of eyes that will be on the tube Feb 1.

Mission accomplished.

And for the record, I do not, under any circumstances find broccoli provocative. (Broc-ocative?)

penelope said...

Totally out for the stir, in true PETA fashion.

Aside from my being a carnivore (who likes her veggies, too), I find PETA generally obnoxious. I'm so much more likely to listen to a messenger that's not all up in my face. But, obnoxiousness buys one a ton of exposure, clearly. THAT'S how I'm supposed to get my book published!! ;) Let's make a provocative video!