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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All That Stuff You Heard About the Spin Cycle Is True

During our recent move half-way across the country, we ended up in need of a washing machine and dryer. Since we are adults, and pretty much decided that we have to ACT like adults, we opted for purchasing a real washing machine and dryer instead of some cheap-o used pair.

Enter the front loading beauties that look mostly like these (that were on super clearance blowout sale at Home Depot, that we had to purchase from two different stores).

I'm really loving the new set, all except for the fact that the floor in our laundry room is mushy and soft. And when that bad boy washing machine cranks up and goes to spinning like a maniac (like it's supposed to do, you see), it vibrates like... well, it vibrates A LOT. No amount of squareness, levelness, floor reinforcement or setting adjustment will make the washer stop shaking uncontrollably and 'walking' all over the place.

But you know what does work? If I sit on it. Yes, that's right, my cough*lightasafeather*cough rear is just enough pressure to calm the thing down. And since I need to wash clothes, after all, I find myself sitting on the washing machine through the spin cycle. Which lasts 11 minutes.

I know what you're thinking, and don't think I didn't think that that's what you would think. Because I thought it.

All this is to say that in the 11 minutes of spin that I sit through periodically, I have come up with some dandy ideas. One of which is this: I want a new name. I don't want to go by Megan in the blog world anymore. I want a new, cool, pseudo-name.

So what should it be?

And no nasty suggestions about adult toys and spin cycles and stripper names. (Although, I dare you to ask a Pen pal of mine about something she may or may not have discovered for sale on Amazon. Go ahead. I dare you.)

So? What shall I forever go by from now on? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and if I choose your name, I'll send you an undetermined-at-this-moment prize. I swear.

20 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

Genna Fagella

Miss Thystle said...

Regina Fellangie. Or

Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

or Turbo Agito; which is a very rough latin translation to spin cycle according to my online translation source.

penelope said...

My college roommate's vanity plate was "FarmGal." That makes me think of you. Or... Six Shooter. That's a bit more badass. Or do you want an actual name? Are you super-jealous of Penelope? You could go by Antelope, that looks similar, albeit with an entirely different connotation. :)

Nagem? That's Megan backward (duh), but it makes it sound like what one does when one's children continually forget to take off their muddy shoes at the door.

I haven't even had any wine today. I'll think more about this question.

Cakelet said...

Yesterday I ordered some soup at a restaurant and they asked my name so they could call when it was ready. My name is Alison, so I told them "Alison." But when I sat down at a table to wait for my soup, I thought to myself, I should have said "Arabella." Don't know why. I came to your blog for the first time today, and I see that you are looking for a new name. So, maybe, this name is looking for you too. It's a nice one. And I do think I'm going to use it the next time I order lentil soup.

niki said...


Jane (as in Calamity without the calamity)


Rodeo Rose/Rita/Ruby/R name (or vice versa - I like Ruby Rodeo myself)

Daisy (Duke?)

that's all I've got so far.

penelope said...

Ooo, I have to say, I really like Scarlett! Southern, strong and sassy, a fav character, AND a book reference, all wrapped in one.

Megan said...

Thanks for the input, ladies!

I was actually searching for a *real* name, so Genna Fagella may be out... Come on, Bj, I know you have more!

Alison, how very funny that you ended up here at the right time! I actually have a great aunt (?) that was named Arabella and proposed it as a name for our first born! So that may actually work... :)

Scarlett, of course! That's another instant winner!

I'll keep thinking on it (and wait for a few others to chime in) and let you know.

Bj in Dallas said...

Claudia Duvall.

Bj in Dallas said...

of the Buckhead Duvalls.

Megan said...

Is no one going to ask my PEN pal about her recent find on Amazon? ANYONE?

(Because I will, you know I will...)

penelope said...

I do find some good bargains, guys! ;)

niki said...

Shoot. I forgot in all this excitement about your new persona. Pen, what did you find on Amazon?

let's just say... said...

Amazon really does have everything. Gotta love that super-saver shipping! Seriously, have you ever seen prices like these??

me said...

I met someone once called Sunday and I thought it was a really cool name and suited them. I could imagine calling you Sunday, although I am not sure what you look like, even though you are my offical stalker I have yet to get a good glimpse of you, but I feel that you look like a Sunday. In fact, your whole name should be Sunday Jackson.


Bj in Dallas said...

PEN, what did you get on Amazon??Am I missing something???
If you go with Monday as your name, you have to have Thursday as your last, I'm just saying.
Or Maytag, since the whole thing started while you were rockin on your washer.
Seriously, my WMachine was walking all over the laundry room so I call my cute appliance guy and he said to screw (!) those levelers on the bottom all the way in until they are tight, then turn on the WM and let it level itself. Works like a charm.
Your Welcome

Miss Thystle said...

Alright, Meg, here I am, and I'm waiting for a discussion of something like a washing machine, except meant for your own personal...uh, spin cycle! LOL. And yes, yes you can find everything on Amazon.

You should change your name to Julep.

penelope said...

I like Julep, too.

BJ, click on the "let's just say" link.

Lorrie Veasey said...

It takes you eleven minutes? You probably should crank the speed up a bit, just sayin.

I thing Megan is a fine Irish fighting and drinking name.

I also like Maggie, or Peg--both derivitives, and fine names to shout out across a bar.

Bj in Dallas said...

FINALLY GOT IT!!!!! That Doc Johnson is a busy boy!!!! and the beautiful thing, Thystle is most of them are on SALE in our challenged economies.......
thanks girls, who knew such vital info could be coming from Georgia...I'll check with you ladies first for any other important info I'm missing...:)

Genelle said...

I went to college with a Monday. Thought that was a bit odd. Rock of Love had a "Rodeo". Didn't catch the brand of machines..maybe Miss Mae (aka MayTag)or Mae Tag. How about a little Care Bearish with Princess Spins-a-lot? Yeah I know I'm not that funny. Maybe a little Bette with The Divine Miss M. Happy choosing.