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Monday, November 3, 2008

Did Megan Say FUBAR?

This may be crossing the line, but who am I to shy away from controversy?

If any of you have heard of a "penis sleeve" prior to the publication of this post, please, PLEASE let us know in the comments. (Anonymous is welcome, especially if you want to hide first-hand experience.)

For those of you in the dark, like I was, please proceed to this link. It's apparently some sort of male vibrator. Who knew?

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Bj in Dallas said...

Nope. Never heard of it. I think I'm glad.

My friend is a flight attendant and she just called from somewhere and said the following;
A man got on the plane tonight (not hers) with a "service" monkey (news to me there is such a thing) and when they were landing he wouldn't put his tray table up so the FA on the flight did it for him and the monkey was servicing him!!!!! No shit, they arrested him and took the monkey to some monkey CPS place-
That guy needs a penis sleeve, not a damn monkey

penelope said...

I'm not sure I've heard of the penis "sleeve," per se, but I've seen similar items in um, certain catalogs.

The reviews on that site nearly had me in tears! So. Funny.

niki said...


The first time I read this comment I thought "service monkey" was some sort of sex toy, so I was all, "what the hell is that?" Then I just re-read it and realized it was a REAL MONKEY.

I'm horrified. Absolutely horrified. Beyond upset about this.


Bj in Dallas said...

Don't worry, they are going to fry that guy- everyone was up in arms and the Humane Society came to get the monkey- all is as good as can be

niki said...

Pen, I especially like the guy who complained that his wore out after about 200 uses. Awesome.

I can't believe I've spent 29 years on this planet and it never occurred to me there was a male version of a vibrator. OF COURSE there is.

Karen said...

Sadly, I have heard of the penis sleeve. One of my friends gave her husband a generic version before he deployed to Iraq! I guess she thought it would help relieve stress???

Service monkey- I had to read that one twice too! So horrible...What the heck is WRONG with people?

Megan said...

I have never heard of such... and quite honestly had never even thought about it!

Karen, you're not telling us the important information, like did your friends husband find it useful?!

Andi said...

never heard of it, but it does make total sense. I'm just wondering how you stumbled upon that website and that find. . what were you up to young lady?

How the heck does a real monkey (I also thought this was a gadget or toy) get on board like that and nobody notice?! It's ok to fly with monkeys? Much less do the other despicable acts without someone noticing sooner.

sheila said...

I'm with you girls -- gives a whole new meaning to the word SERVICE. Poor, poor monkey. Thank God the Humane Society got involved, but now the poor guy (or girl) monkey will have to go thru some type of therapy -- a la David Ducovney.

And a penis sleeve -- that sounds like it is for the laziest man alive! He's not getting any & he's too lazy to take care of it himself. No wonder he's not getting any!!

I think this WTFweek is going to get really interesting...LUV IT