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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Your Bartenders, Showing a Little B & A

Getting cooked up fresh from the kitchen is this week's Weekly Special:

Your Smartini Barmaids: Before & After

We will provide you with photographical and/or anecdotal evidence of ourselves before and after. Before and after what, you ask? Who knows!

It could be B & A the big night out (uh oh), B & A we put on our make-up (oooh no) or maybe even B & A our first time (no, not THAT... skiing? singing karaoke? getting a perm?).

Be nice and leave us all sorts of friendly 'you don't look like hell without make-up' type comments, and maybe, just maybe I'll post the picture of me mere moments before my first time GETTING FRENCH KISSED BY A BOY. I know, scintillating!

1 tips left at the bar:

Anonymous said...

What? You have a picture of you getting Frenched kissed???? Megan! Explain yourself!
Don't tell me there will be a sex tape next - unless you're going to make tons o' money off of it! :-)

Your Mother