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Friday, October 10, 2008

WhyTF: Stroke of Genius

Let me just say this: This morning I invented something (in my head) that will be so damn handy, everyone will want one and I would be a gazillionaire, if I actually had the capacity to create it. Or even design it.

A few months ago I moved on up in the world and got a new to me vehicle that is nine years newer than my previous ride. Fortunately for me, in that nine year span auto makers decided to equip vehicles with the little key fobs for remote lock/unlock. Since I have never, ever had one of these fobs, I am pretty much in heaven with mine now and possibly use it when I don't necessarily have to. It's also possible that I have gotten pretty damn used to having the remote and when I recently had to drive the old vehicle, I felt all put down and that universe was mad at me, OVER A KEY FOB!

This is all to say that I have become rather dependent upon that little clicker and now that I'm so spoiled, I want one for my house.

I KNOW! This is pure genius, is it not?! Think of how handy that would be when you have your arms full of groceries or children or take out and all you have to do is push a button before you load your arms up! This may not be quite as exciting to those of you with garages where you never lock the door anyway, but to those of us without them, this is brills.

WhyTF hasn't anyone thought of this before? Gazillionaire, I tell you. GAZILLIONAIRE.

5 tips left at the bar:

Miss Thystle said...

ooh! That IS a good idea! Also, while you're at it could you invent a clicker to do my filing?

Megan said...

Miss Thystle, how about a clicker that did filing AND answered pain in the ass work emails? I think we are definitely on to something here...

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant, I want one! But I also want someone who will actually go out and do my shopping and put it away for me, so a clicker would not really work there! Maybe a nice Latin houseboy?!

Anonymous said...

Megs, I hate to burst your gazellionaire dreams, but you better check the interenet first. I'm sure all the automated houses have that taken care of. The lights come on, music plays, curtains close (or open. You know a lot are done with sensors! Sorry :-( Next idea????

Anonymous said...


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