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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good ol' JT

No, not Justin. The original JT.

Click on this link.

It's an episode of The Colbert Report where James Taylor guests. If you skip to about minute 17:10, he breaks out into a song from his new album Covers, where he's covering lots of other songs (duh!) It's one neither Hubby nor I had heard before (perhaps you have) but we both really liked it and I thought it might be your vibe, too. I can't stop playing it over and over again.

2 tips left at the bar:

niki said...

I don't have 17 minutes right now because I'm about to go to sleep, but I just had to say that I was totally psyched for Justin Timberlake. (This might be good for at work tomorrow...hmmm.)

I do, also love James Taylor, though. I sang his songs around a campfire in Brazil with an Englishman while getting the ever-living shit bitten out of me by Amazon-grade mosquitoes. Or is it mosquitos? Nevermind. Going to bed now.

Andria said...

silly girl. . you don't need 17 minutes (how much Pinot did you have tonight?). .the link takes you to the full episode, but move the cursor over to minute 17 of the show (pops up when you start to move it) to hear the song, just a minute or so. I just couldn't find a clip of just the song on YouTube.